Where do you get your protein? 

The most asked question by those who are curious about a Living Plant Based Diet.

First let’s break down a couple of myth-perceptions….

We cannot directly use any form of protein eaten. Protein molecules are too large and complex to go through a healthy intestinal wall. Protein must be broken down into its components to at least amino acids. 

That means proteins are going to require acids to chemically break them down. The same is true of fats – it takes substantial work on the body’s part to turn this complex food forms into things like glucose. 

Every cell in the human body runs on glucose. Glucose is a form of simple sugar. Our brains run almost exclusively on glucose or sugar.  

This simple sugar is so important that our brain will literally tell our body to catabolize or break down and convert muscle tissue including heart tissue into glucose to keep it powered up if we go long enough without consuming food sources it can easily utilize to fuel itself.

So consuming large protein molecules in the form of another animals flesh means the body will have to do a ton of work just to get small amounts of usable glucose to feed hungry systems. Most sources of flesh are upwards of 70% of the stored calories in a serving are in the form of saturated fats. The kind that are solid at room temperature. These fats tend to recoagulate in the blood stream and are sticky in nature this become the glue that causes blood cells to excessively clump and they can bind with glucose molecules making glucose molecules too large to fit through the microscopic pores in capillary walls that would allow glucose to leave the blood stream to be burned in the mitochondria of the cells as fuel. 

With so much glucose in the blood stream the body tends to dump insulin from the pancreas to cause the body to store the excess as a toxin loaded fatty material called cellulite. The cells and systems that are glucose hungry become further starved and massive cravings emerge. The person resorts to sugary and fatty – salty spiked processed food like concoctions and the cycle spirals into what is diagnosed as diabetes. 

Where medicine gets it wrong is declaring you’ve got a high blood sugar problem when in fat you’ve got a high fat and high protein problem and are likely defecient in many living food nutrients and the system of digestion is chronically over worked from the consumption of low water – low fiber – cooked or concocted foods or fake foods.

The solution is to transition as rapidly as possible to a raw fruit – raw vegan diet. These foods are almost self digesting, contain “living waters”, all the tiny yet essential nutrients needed to absorb and utilize the larger nutrients and to do so with effiency reducing total food intake. 

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Are we really “modern men” yet?

During my dark years of trying be a good little cooked food eater I would have moments where I pondered why we exposed so many foods to fire.

I readily saw the absurdity of eating raw flesh, even sushi made little sense yet I understand how much we do to hide or mask and remake the taste of flesh to convince the tongue to let it past.

It was after pondering how no creature in nature gives its food a ‘fever” nor tries to change its flavor with all kinds of “excitotoxins” that I began to really question what we really knew about whats native – innate or natural human foods?

image vsimage
It was during the search for answers to these kinds of questions that I got the full frontal views of what animals go through to become eaten by humans and what affects all this has in humans.

That’s when I realized most of us have been deceived all our lives and don’t know we don’t know because our innate compassion for animals and even humans has been pummeled and buried in suppression, and the effects of consuming the chemistry of death contained in the bodies of those we pay others to kill and we eat.

Food Inc.

This awakening brought me to the realization that humanity is actually still in the stone ages when it comes to understanding health and optimizing human fueling.

Never mind respect for the Planet and all its other inhabitants.


I, like perhaps you, are budding flowers of this new era of awareness…. Soon to become planet wide.

Our current system of things – meaning jobs, time demanded or required to earn enough to live healthily, TV and online media is all constructed or rigged to protect the interest of the few that control what the masses are programmed to consume.

These top of the pyramid few are power to the people – or – your being awake, educated on topics that matter, being well, or a free-thinker.

This must change on an ever-expanding scale to bring about “The Shift” the planets population of humans need to change all this.


Erskien Lenier

If any creatures we find on Mars are Martians then any that live on Earth are Earthlings.

So why do we befriend some and slaughter another when doing so both destroys the Earths viability to support and sustain life and kills us from the inside out?

Especially in the light of the massive evidence that has come to light that humans are innate Fruitarians – Vegans over consumers of the bodies of other Earthlings?

For the sake of the Planet, our children and all the other Species that co-habit this blue – green ball spinning through space I offer you a broader view here that I hope will help you get in touch with what is innate in you and shed views that have been killing you since adopting them.


Trailer for Earthlings the Documentary

Erskien Lenier

For the Animals and Spaceship Earth

The Most Romantic Dance Video Ever – Duo Main Tenan T

The Most Romantic Dance Video Ever <3

If you have ever wanted something you could watch that would always stir you heart I have the perfect video to bookmark and share with those you want to move…


What inspired you? If you could set up your life to just focus on that would you?  Tell me more in the comments area below.

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