Stuck in Traffic

I see post on FaceBook of friends and family frustrated and angry because they are “Stuck in Traffic” – When I traverse the region I live in known as “The Inland Empire” or Corona California, I many times run past blocks of people “Stuck in Traffic” even far away from the main freeway “The 91 or the 15” on surface streets. I feel like a free animal running past others of my species that are in cages whose doors are unlocked. The real lock is just a construct of their minds.
This is my response to one such post about “Being stuck in traffic”
But remember… You are traffic! I stopped hating myself and got rid of the car and decided to just run or ride my bike where ever I want to go.
My wife and kids either walk, ride bikes, hitch rides or use Uber or Lyft.
If we need to get someplace really far or haul something big and awkward I call Enterprise Rent a Car or truck – they deliver to my house and even pick it up when I’m done.
Self driving cars will go away in the next 15-20 yrs or less. Google, Tessla, Apple and all the tradional car makers are dumping billions into making self driving autonomous cars that you can summon to your location via an app on your phone within minutes where ever you are. They aim to get the cost down to about 6 cents a mile. The average car today cost about 60.8 cents per mile when you include in gas, insurance, maintanence, support systems like tax subsidies. It won’t make sense to buy one anymore. This will uncluttered driveways, garages, parking, streets and highways. By then most people will work from home and or be self employed also. Feel the pull of the future and pursue it instead of being stuck in the past…
I save all that money already and use the difference to buy myself lots of organic fruits, greens and veggies and the best running atire available and put the rest in savings.
At 58 it also gives me reason and the means to be fitter than I was in my 20’s.
It’s a shift in thinking and requires a willingness to buck the norm and not care what naysayers might say or think. I encounter people almost daily who express envy of the way I conduct my life.
The good news is anyone can do this… And over time more and more will.
Create a better world instead of just wishing for one…
Erskien Lenier
LandSurfing by Choice

Were we really born to run?

Based on human design from the examination of our hands, tongue, teeth, jaw design, digestive tract, nutrient needs, we are all born Fruitarians. 

Our upright postural development and the development of the gluteus muscle had to be and adaption motivated by generation of us needing to run across open expanses of grasslands to get to the next fruit grove for more food. This would have also led to our development of skin based sweat glands and relative hairlessness compared to other primates. 

As the distances between groves increased over the millinia, so did the development of our legs and hips. Our need for simple to digest carbohydrates to fuel these resupply missions worked well until we began to find too little fruits. This led to trying to find other sources of calories. After realizing we couldn’t survive on the harder fiberred plant life we probably came upon another creatures abandoned kill and out of desparation ate some of it. Some would have gotten sick and even died and some would have survived. 

Over time natural forest fires would have left opportunities to come upon the burned bodies of creatures caught in the fire and upon consuming some of these and realizing the lack of dramatic illness and death within hours afterwards humans began to seek how they could carry and even make fire to sanitize a dangerous source of survival food. 

As humans came to eat more flesh and fewer easy to digest fruits our glucose levels dropped as a new normal and the body responded by reducing brain function as the brain runs exclusively on glucose. 

Our endurance dropped and we no longer found joy in the run. It became a chore or a sprint to get close enough to wild animals to throw a spear or chase it into a trap. 

This was the beginning of humanity going beyond its truest humanity.

This loss of rememberance of our optimal foods and what it feels like to run far with optimal levels of blood glucose has led to our over reliance upon mechanical substitutes for legs, lungs and hearts and even sweating. Now we shuffle from chair to chair and wonder why life is so boring? Why we age so fast? Why nothing we eat seems to satisfy us and not questioning all the hype and marketing of dead food like things or the species appropriateness of a given food? In the running domain we get sold all kinds of beliefs about how fragile and weak and defective our feet are and how we need special pills, potions and powders to run far and fast. 

We still have these innate abilities to run far, thrive on a fruit centered diet, power up the whole brain instead of mainly the small logic and fear based centers. 

The key is decide to question all that you have been told and sold and begin to peel back all that to reveal the innate truths that have been there all along and give them what they need to thrive again. 

Lose the shoes…. Get to know your soles again.  Lose the cooked broken foods that camouflage your truest appetite. Discover the satiation of filling up on raw, ripe, living, high vitality fruits, greens and veggies. 

 Power up! 

How do I fund a lifestyle that gives me to the time to run and eat real foods? 

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Erskien Lenier

Fruit Powered LandSurfer

What’s a Fruitarian Meal Look Like?

To thrive on the foods human design is optimized with one must first make the shift in perception that fruits are not just snacks. They are meals… Meaning one must eat enough of a given fruit to completely fill the stomach to the point of the body reaching the feeling of “satiation”. Most don’t know what actual satiation is. When Food is cooked or its of a material that our body does not recognize as out native foods (fruits, greens and veggies all of the more digestible varieties of fiber) will not trigger satiation and most have to use will power to avoid eating until stuffed or will resort to eating “deserts” because their core call for fruits still goes without satisfaction.

Here is an assortment of what I might during a typical day.

Bananas, peaches and prickly pears 
I keep the counter top loaded up with at least a 3 day supply of fruits like bananas, peaches, prickly pears, papayas, mangos, apples, avocados in paper bags to ripen them, watermelons, cantelopes, honey dew melons, tomatoes, durian , rambutan, persimmons, blackberries, pineapples, plums, plus the frig with the same speed of soft fibered greens like romain and spinach complimented with an assortment of veggies like cucumbers, radishes, celery, carrots, various colors of bell peppers. Most evenings even if I’ve done a run of over 5-8 hrs I’ll make a large salad with perhaps a couple apples, a whole cucumber, 2-3 large tomatoes, 4-5 large romain leaves, 8-10 good sized radishes, 2-3 stalks of celery, and make a bowl of guacamole or add avocado to a store bought guacamole (Sprouts and Cardenas locally have tasty ones made fresh each day with no preservatives or other junk added.) I do like black olive slices in some of my salads. Other than these foods the only supplement I take is a B12 capsule as I am minus an appendix and had all the signs of b12 decency before transitioning to a raw Fruitarian diet apparently for decades including neuropathy in my feet. I no longer have that!  

Papaya and bananas 😉

Prickly Pears… My favorite is the red ones as they are the sweetest. 5 for a dollar and that’s in the California. I’d bet they are 20 for a dollar in Arizona or even less in Mexico down south.

Durian is my favorite of all fruits.

I’ll look for a picture of one of my BIG SALADS to add ASAP
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Erskien Lenier

Fruit Powered LandSurfingPro

Where do you get your protein? 

The most asked question by those who are curious about a Living Plant Based Diet.

First let’s break down a couple of myth-perceptions….

We cannot directly use any form of protein eaten. Protein molecules are too large and complex to go through a healthy intestinal wall. Protein must be broken down into its components to at least amino acids. 

That means proteins are going to require acids to chemically break them down. The same is true of fats – it takes substantial work on the body’s part to turn this complex food forms into things like glucose. 

Every cell in the human body runs on glucose. Glucose is a form of simple sugar. Our brains run almost exclusively on glucose or sugar.  

This simple sugar is so important that our brain will literally tell our body to catabolize or break down and convert muscle tissue including heart tissue into glucose to keep it powered up if we go long enough without consuming food sources it can easily utilize to fuel itself.

So consuming large protein molecules in the form of another animals flesh means the body will have to do a ton of work just to get small amounts of usable glucose to feed hungry systems. Most sources of flesh are upwards of 70% of the stored calories in a serving are in the form of saturated fats. The kind that are solid at room temperature. These fats tend to recoagulate in the blood stream and are sticky in nature this become the glue that causes blood cells to excessively clump and they can bind with glucose molecules making glucose molecules too large to fit through the microscopic pores in capillary walls that would allow glucose to leave the blood stream to be burned in the mitochondria of the cells as fuel. 

With so much glucose in the blood stream the body tends to dump insulin from the pancreas to cause the body to store the excess as a toxin loaded fatty material called cellulite. The cells and systems that are glucose hungry become further starved and massive cravings emerge. The person resorts to sugary and fatty – salty spiked processed food like concoctions and the cycle spirals into what is diagnosed as diabetes. 

Where medicine gets it wrong is declaring you’ve got a high blood sugar problem when in fat you’ve got a high fat and high protein problem and are likely defecient in many living food nutrients and the system of digestion is chronically over worked from the consumption of low water – low fiber – cooked or concocted foods or fake foods.

The solution is to transition as rapidly as possible to a raw fruit – raw vegan diet. These foods are almost self digesting, contain “living waters”, all the tiny yet essential nutrients needed to absorb and utilize the larger nutrients and to do so with effiency reducing total food intake. 

To learn more use the “Search” window on this blog to find the post on a “Fruitarian” diet.

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Erskien Lenier

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A Passion to Live All Out

Lots of you wonder why I have such great belief that everyone innately has what it takes to transition to a Fruit Centered diet and find satiation in it – Make “Side Money” or even J.O.B Replacing Money not just from Home but even “Homelessly in Style” or “Location Independently” and be able to go Barefoot everyday if desired and to become foot healthy enough to Run Bare and enjoy it.

Think about this… You won the very first race you ever entered and the odds were millions to 1 that you had a chance to come out victorious. All you knew was “it’s possible!” And you went for it…

Shovel away all the BS that you’ve bought into since landing your first win and return to what inspired you in the first place – To Live All Out  💕

Erskien Lenier

Symptoms of B12 Deficiency and How to Fix Them

I came from the sport of bicycle road racing, where I logged over 750,000 miles in the saddle spanning over 23 yrs in foot compressing cycling shoes.

Had I of done so barefoot or even in huarache running sandals like Lunas (see right panel clickable image on Luna Ultra Running Sandals) I would not have compressed and atrophied my feet so badly.

FredFlinstone Cycling


Instead I had these $1250 custom made “Foot Coffins” that over time adhesed or crushed all the components of each foot into an atrophied mess when it comes to being a bipedal human. That included nerve covering damage to my right foot exasterbated by a B12 deficiency.

Lamson Cycling Shoes


Notice the carbon fiber soles above… Like wearing splints on both feet for hours, months, years at a time… in terms of effect upon the muscles that stabilize and strengthen feet.


In my late teens to early twenties, I began to experience “hot feet” a lot on hot days. I thought it had something to do with the heat but have since learned that it really didn’t…

I used to take my precious hydrating water of which a bike could only carry a couple pints in bottles back then and squirt the tops of my feet just above the toes to try to “put out the fire” that sometimes felt so hot I would undo my shoe velcros and slip my feet out of the shoes while they were still attached to the pedals and simply rested my feet on top of the shoes and rode on until my feet became bearable again..If they ever did….

Fast forwards to about 6 yrs ago I now averaging about 15 miles a day 5 days a week commuting and doing a 30+ mile run on my days off. Then suddenly I got an intense shooting hot pain that felt like it was between the big toes metatarsals and the next toe over from it.

It was so intense that I literally had to stop running and call for a ride home and could not land on the ball of my right foot for any reason. I spent days trouble shooting it…. Pouring through forums, post, blogs, medical sites…. Eventually I ruled out a stress fracture…. I began to realize it was in a rather large nerve between the metatarsals….


Most medical oriented sites tried to steer prospects towards either surgery or cortisone injections of what everyone reported did nothing but make matters worse.  Every running forum told me to get the latest insert or orthotic or special shoe….

Then I came upon mention of one the symptoms of B12 – Methylcobalamin deficiency is  the fatty outer layer of nerves eroding, allowing the internal electrical charge to leak out into the surround tissues.

That’s exactly what it felt like! Further research regarding the symptoms of B12 deficiency led me to realize my entire family tree was riddled with the following symptoms and many had literally died from undiagnosed – misdiagnosed – improperly treated symptoms.


Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency


A deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency anemia. A mild deficiency may cause only mild, if any, symptoms. But if untreated, it may cause symptoms such as:

  • Weakness, tiredness, or light-headedness
  • Rapid heartbeat and breathing
  • Pale skin
  • Sore tongue
  • Easy bruising or bleeding, including bleeding gums
  • Stomach upset and weight loss
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Neuropathy of the feet
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • MS
  • Autism
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Infertility
  • Frequent Falls
  • Forgetfulness to name a few

One of the weird things about B12 is there is several different versions or analogs of it on the market. Most of them if consumed will never make it into the inside of the cells that need the tiny bit of cobalt at the core of the molecule for proper metabolism.  There are tons of good reads out there on B12. The one that opened my eyes was one by a former E.R. Nurse – Sally Pacholok RN and her husband who was head of ER for many years. That they discovered just in the ER alone that was being routinely overlooked and misdiagnosed will shock you to the core as you both self examine your body and reflect on those you know or have known for some time.

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could it be b12

My big issue is that most forms of oral b12 don’t make it to the receptor sites in the intestines to be transported all the way to the systems that need it and some that do are the wrong type of B12 and end up stuck in the bloodstream and can’t go any further. This creates a  chemical mess in the bloodstream triggering the kidneys to pump it all out into your pee turning it bright yellow.

I am not a fan of sticking needles into my body monthly or with any kind of frequency although the medical side claims this is the best way to get a month’s worth in one shot.

I also kept reading methylcobalamin, the form that is appropriate for humans combined with B6 and some other elements can trigger the regeneration of damaged nerve sheaths.

Most don’t think too much of their nervous systems health and fueling but the human nervous system is massive…

To give you an idea how much so… Just the digestive system alone contains as many nerve endings as the entire spinal column does! Think about that for a minute…

The Nervous system is constantly doing “biochemical transactions” that affect all bodily systems.

Think about how many system wide symptoms one could manifest if just one of the perhaps millions of organo-compounds was missing from your diet for any reason chronically?

And we are told….”We are just becoming “old…”

Once I incorporated the proprietary formula available via the link below at a dose of 2 cap 2 times per day with fruit, the pain in my foot was reduced by 85% in just 36 hours allowing me to end a frustrating 3 months off from running and instantaneously return to 15 miles per day with no loss of fitness and with greater functionality of my right foot than I’d known in all my adult life.

Over time I am also experiencing more efficient digestion and needing less foods and even water.

I sweat less also. My resting heart rate normal has eased back to down to what it was in my early 20’s of 30 beats per minute instead of 38 at the time I wake up in the morning. My max heart rate has done the same thing on the upper end of the scale by returning to 196 instead of 191.


My source for this “Regenerative B12 Formula”

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Erskien Lenier

Beating Aging At It’s Own Game

In moments of intense or highly charged emotion that so overwhelm the senses we tend to check out perceptually or do a sort of “perceptual stutter” where we only perceive bits and pieces of what happened while the body which is always self aware for internal function stability continues to record what it feels and even the thoughts or beliefs we are running at any given time in any given event. This is called Cellular Memory.

Having come from over 23 years of bicycle road racing I was a survivor of countless bike crashes whereby I hit the pavement either sliding or came to an abrupt halt. None of these resulted in broken bones but did imprint a lot of memories of pain into the skin, muscles and systems that were in play at the time the crashes happened.


In moments of intense or highly charged emotion that so overwhelm the senses we tend to check out perceptually or do a sort of “perceptual stutter” where we only perceive bits and pieces of what happened while the body which is always self-aware for internal function stability continues to record what it feels and even the thoughts or beliefs we are running at any given time in any given event.  This is called Cellular Memory.


During what is experienced as trauma or being out of control or unable to cope moments, this perceptual stutter or fear of what’s happening or happening next creates a “Perceptual or Emotion Induced Blind Spots”.



It’s as if a part of the flow of consciousness has frozen a part of time. Think of like an artery that is either partially plugged or completely plugged and everything beyond the obstruction is under nourished or under powered or even choked off enough to die.



Science understands the mechanical pressures of misaligned joints in the cause of the nerve impulse blockage but has not studied nor understood the role positive and negative emotions can play in creating reversed polarities inside of the neural networks of muscles and systems affecting muscle coordination, tension and relaxation.

Chiropractic only looks at the effects of this pattern as a bone – impingement problem and has no or little understanding and little to no tools for dealing with cellular memory.



The reality is that we create the neurological blind spots and blockages that reduce both physical functionality and personality function vs dysfunction bases on every decision or belief we empower in a moment of intense emotion.  We either empower ourselves in the way we frame things or we disempower and bit by bit restrict our body’s abilities one decision at a time.

Over the span of my cycling career I saw the effects of both the crashes and the personal issues that seemed to haunt me and how it seemed harder and harder to stay in top form fitness and health wise and top focus, motivation and ability to recover from hard efforts. I thought it was ageing…



It wasn’t until I’d traveled the world a bit and saw that some athletes seemed to be able to hold high levels of fitness at the same age I was and even much older that I began to question what was the true nature of why I was slowing down and breaking down more often?



This lead me to study such areas a dyslexia or our tendency to reverse perception or blank out on whole sections of perceptions initially first studied as relevant to academics. As I delved deeper into how the nervous system works (Structural Neurology and Kinesiology) It became self-evident that the supposed “Stress Induced Blind Spots” mentioned above, didn’t just affect the muscles or nerves but the whole of ones being up to and including what we perceive, edit out of perception, how well bodily systems work or don’t work and much more.



Another profound realization was that we create these cellular memories almost at the speed of light by sending tons of emotive energy to nerve circuits that are actively involved in any given bodily position at the time of trauma fusing that energy with whatever beliefs or opinions we are running at the time.



Think of a time when something stubbed your toe or smashed a finger… What did you think or say when that happened? Now understand this… Your “Body Level Awareness” does not perceive time as linear. It connects with time as a continuum where the past, present and future are all actively real and something to access to see how you’re likely to cope or have coped before in a timeless kind of way. So as you reaccessed that memory of pain and the thoughts you had – your brain is business setting up your blood chemistry, reflexes, muscle tone, coordination or lack thereof to reexperience that pain again… and every time a situation looks like, sounds like, smells, like taste like or feels anything like that past memory guess what your brain is busy doing especially in the prior affected body parts?  Yeah, and adding more pain and expectation of pain and fear of pain to the cellular memory. So multiply this times the years and even repeated similar injuries or tendencies towards injuries in those areas… See the pattern yet?

Well the good news that all sports medicine doctors have over looked is that just as easy as we initially create these “Stress Induced Blind Spots” that become weaknesses of dysfunctional functionality and color our perceptions in times when we probably need more perception and not less we can use the body’s own creative powers to undo permanently what’s been done releasing tremendous healing power on all levels of one’s body, mind and spirit.


If you like the insights gained from this post let me know below and I will do a post on how to gently and permanently, test, identify and defuse any and all “Stress Induced Blind Spots” that seem to be a recurring theme in your life.


BTW: What I am sharing with you I paid a TON of CASH to learn and experience. I also used to teach this material in class room setting while seeing private clients to help them with everything from academic dyslexia to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), to sports and auto injuries with hugely more successful results after MD’s had written them off or resorted to medication only to manage symptoms.


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Erskien Lenier