Stuck in Traffic

I see post on FaceBook of friends and family frustrated and angry because they are “Stuck in Traffic” – When I traverse the region I live in known as “The Inland Empire” or Corona California, I many times run past blocks of people “Stuck in Traffic” even far away from the main freeway “The 91 or the 15” on surface streets. I feel like a free animal running past others of my species that are in cages whose doors are unlocked. The real lock is just a construct of their minds.
This is my response to one such post about “Being stuck in traffic”
But remember… You are traffic! I stopped hating myself and got rid of the car and decided to just run or ride my bike where ever I want to go.
My wife and kids either walk, ride bikes, hitch rides or use Uber or Lyft.
If we need to get someplace really far or haul something big and awkward I call Enterprise Rent a Car or truck – they deliver to my house and even pick it up when I’m done.
Self driving cars will go away in the next 15-20 yrs or less. Google, Tessla, Apple and all the tradional car makers are dumping billions into making self driving autonomous cars that you can summon to your location via an app on your phone within minutes where ever you are. They aim to get the cost down to about 6 cents a mile. The average car today cost about 60.8 cents per mile when you include in gas, insurance, maintanence, support systems like tax subsidies. It won’t make sense to buy one anymore. This will uncluttered driveways, garages, parking, streets and highways. By then most people will work from home and or be self employed also. Feel the pull of the future and pursue it instead of being stuck in the past…
I save all that money already and use the difference to buy myself lots of organic fruits, greens and veggies and the best running atire available and put the rest in savings.
At 58 it also gives me reason and the means to be fitter than I was in my 20’s.
It’s a shift in thinking and requires a willingness to buck the norm and not care what naysayers might say or think. I encounter people almost daily who express envy of the way I conduct my life.
The good news is anyone can do this… And over time more and more will.
Create a better world instead of just wishing for one…
Erskien Lenier
LandSurfing by Choice

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

A friend of mine posted the following image on FaceBook and as I pondered its message and the implications of that message I saw another view I’d like to share.
Anyone even a little bit awake realizes that the upper echelon of the money game plays by a different set of rules and laws than the rest of us.
This is also why we must disagree in regard to playing the money game only the way we’ve been indoctrinated to do so.
Meaning we’ve been trained to trade time for money and to allow others to decide how much we can have in metered and watered down amounts.
We’ve been led to believe the owners of companies are the ones who have the only ideas that are valuable enough to motivate others to exchange money for.
That we are only good enough to be workers for the smart, bold and creative few. That’s all a lie.
We can be all of that and more. We can be self employed and not even need capital, take huge risk or have traditional employees or buildings or even know how to sell or any of the crap associate with the old ideas of “owning or operating a business”.
Just as growing your own food is like printing money – meaning instead of selling so much of your life for money to buy food cut out many layers you’re paying for by growing at least some of your own if not all of you see and understand the value of doing so. You save both money and life. No one grows a garden or orchard and says it was draining. If anything it’s the opposite – satisfying and fulfilling.
….so is owning your own creativity, boldness, and having a connection to the Internet via phone or PC.
You can print your own money. But you’ve got to do it within the boundaries of what The Matrix has already deemed as legal.
That’s where Affilliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Blogging and other electronic technologies are the “Bolt Cutters for the Human Spirit” –
These types of self employment – anywhere you can get access to the Internet type business models can leverage your time to produce income in quantities that are far greater than you alone can produce by selling your time at a traditional job by offering your automatable and semi automatable systems that help others find and get or get access to information and resources they seek over the web. They can create residual or reoccurring income by offering subscriptions or memberships to your sites offering over time just like a gym membership, any other monthly bill you pay that creates residual or predictable income for the supplier of the services or products you want on glowing access to. These systems have all this built into them.
I’ve made it my business to find and make available mobile business packages that can be started for free or for pennies per day and leveraged to produce 10’s, even 100’s of thousands per month on tiny investments of cash and time with all training and support supplied.
Explore and ponder….Then Do….
Erskien Lenier

If Not Now… 

When we were toddlers we relentlessly pursued whatever we were passionate about. 

Then along came several decades of demands for us to not follow our passions but to somehow get passionate about what others wanted us to do or be interested in. 

Your passions still live inside you but the probably now unconscious mantra you’ve trained your mind to repeat day and night keeps the now self induced hypnosis that keeps your “Parking Brake” set on pursuing them. 

The Secret to releasing that brake is to realize your doing this to you own reason for coming here in the first place. From that realization one can begin to explore what I’m saying here by going 180 degrees the opposite direction from the habits, judgements and opinions you and those around you murmur to maintain the status quo. 

Example: I had a Step Father who was of much darker skin than I, who was about 6’2″ and big enough to have played pro football. He had severe alcoholism and anger issues too. I had super low self esteem from taking the brunt of his acting all that out at me for years on end. 

I suffered from nightly nightmares whereby gangs of hooded dark figures would be chasing me in the dark outside our house wanting to kill me. 

I was always so full of adrenaline that I got away into the darkness. Then one day was watching tv and they were talking about the idea that if you die on your dreams you won’t ever wake up. 

I pondered that for a few days and even going into sleep. 

Then after a nightmare where those dark figures were about to ponce on me with knives that scared me so bad I bolted up out of sleep I vowed I wanted to know what would really happen if I let them kill me…

That next night I found myself in the nightmare running under a street light out front of my house knowing they were gaining on me. 

Once just past under the street light I suddenly turned as in my mind I said to myself, “I want to see the face of these bastards before they take my life!” 

As they came under the light they suddenly stopped and the light illuminated their faces…. 

Suddenly I realized that every face was my face! 

In that moment I realized that all my fears or demons were self created and not something from outside myself. The nightmares that had plagued me for years ended that night…. From there a new courage was born in me to be more and more bold, self determined and to question everything I had been under the influence of to date. 

You can use this insight to turn upon your own darkest fears.

You don’t have to be asleep to do this and transcend these kinds of boundaries.

Make the decision. 

Turn on them. 

Do exactly what they drive you to not do and watch your life bloom into the real you and your real life emerge as the one fear built evaporates all around you. 

One of the tools I’ve implemented to take out at the knees my biggest fear which was my innate self worth is to figure out how to monetize every passion I have. 

That means that for just “doing my life” as I have a passion to live out, money pours into my bank account to fund whatever I need along the way. 

How did I do this? I used blogging and this to turn a percentage of the visitors to my blog into empowered pursuers of heir own limitations and ultimately their own dreams.

If any of this resonates with you, come join me. 

I’m building a family or team of freedom fighters who understand that a true warrior transcends the need to fight or defend. 

The truth does set us free… 

You are that truth… 

Own it…

Erskien Lenier



If any creatures we find on Mars are Martians then any that live on Earth are Earthlings.

So why do we befriend some and slaughter another when doing so both destroys the Earths viability to support and sustain life and kills us from the inside out?

Especially in the light of the massive evidence that has come to light that humans are innate Fruitarians – Vegans over consumers of the bodies of other Earthlings?

For the sake of the Planet, our children and all the other Species that co-habit this blue – green ball spinning through space I offer you a broader view here that I hope will help you get in touch with what is innate in you and shed views that have been killing you since adopting them.


Trailer for Earthlings the Documentary

Erskien Lenier

For the Animals and Spaceship Earth

The Dream is Only a Dream Until…

They think that we are fully born when exit the birth canal…

In reality that is only a practice run…
In truth we are actually going from a caterpillar in a bag of water into another kind of cocoon. As our skin solidifies just like the shell of a molting insect we think we are done until death. That too is entirely incorrect.

The truth is that we still must be born into full Spiritual Maturity.

A transcendence must occur whereby our entire being becomes self aware and melts the boundaries between itself and all others human and non human.
This can also mean transcendence of the largest “White Elephant in the Living Room” (What’s dead obvious to a few of us but most stumble over it and just pick up the tv remote while downing substances and things they call foods to dull the senses and go fully escapist unconscious) –
“Monetary and Time Restriction” is the unspeakable lie the masses dance around daily.

“Birds born in a cage think those flying around outside the cage are crazy or insane”
The same can be said of our nightmares and even awake time sense of limitations.

Test what this hints at…

Go push the door….

It’s unlocked. You’ve been duped!

Jokes on them (Mass Media and the 1%)

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Erskien Lenier

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Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture…

The following article is worth pondering to illuminate what we on America are missing by living just inside our GoldFish Bowl like lives.

Switzerland Life

Source: Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture…

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Beyond Wars – Politics and the Monetary System

Why create a World Wide Network of Free People with Deep Pockets? How will we solve the escalating problems of the world in such a way as to make them not possible?

More and more of us have awakened to the reality that no matter who sits in the Oval Office at the White House, Corporations own the government for their own greed driven interest instead of the Will of the People. Our votes don’t matter because corporations pay off politicians to get whatever favors done or laws changed they want with zero regard for the impact upon the people the government was created to serve.

No amount of new laws or overhaul of laws or change of faces can put a dent in the direction the world is going. It’s balls out race for corporations to legislate every freedom people have into a profit motivated rule or law that will choke the life out the entire planet.  Everything will have a price and no value outside of that… It’s coming folks…. Unless you and I make a commitment to let as many people know that there is a well mapped out alternative to this nightmare going to hell fast….

The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but as totally unacceptable. Anything less will result in a continuation of the same catalogue of problems inherent in today’s world. Today many people believe what is needed is a higher sense of ethical standards and the enactment of international laws to assure a sustainable global society.

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A part of building bridges to what The Venus Project can deliver it’s essential that as many people around the planet are equipped to quit their jobs and become free to focus on spreading the idea of TVP and creating new hubs of information and consultation on this project.

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