Do You Really Trust In Yourself?

When we are born, we innocently and innately trust in ourselves.

When hungry, we cry to let Mom know to breast feed us.

When we smell her we know we are safe and can relax.

When we feel the urge to empty our bowels we go.

When we are tickled we laugh out loud.

Even up to toddlerhood, if given a choice of raw, ripe, sweet, water rich, fruits over any other raw food possibility we will choose and gorge out on the fruits.

Fruit is good

If we’ve never had cooked and seasoned foods and they are introduced, we will cringe and wonder what such foul-tasting and lifeless textured crap is…
Then along comes the endless avalanche of programming demanding we ignore what’s innate and become “Civilized” – Which is code for ignorant, while being told we are becoming intelligent.

That programming will include things like more and more denatured foods and combinations of chemicals that were never food in the first place or were “engineered in a lab”, shoes that eliminate “sole level sensory feedback” ¬†resulting in “gait blindness” that makes walking and running no longer feel graceful and exhilarating so the child will begin to lust after what he or she sees other and older humans doing – relying more and more upon mechanical legs called wheels and more and more time sitting – atrophying the lower body as a lifestyle.

For most, by adulthood what’s innate is so buried under all manner of physical, mental and emotional blinders that we feel lost in a world we were born to one with.

For more and more of us, we are awakening to this disconnect from the heart – our souls and questioning what we are missing. We realize the world as we’ve been fed it is fake, false, contrived, force-fed to us in our upbringings.

Bit by bit we begin to question each piece of these multi-layered mask and realize our role in adopting such dysfunctional overlays. We “defuse” our attachment to prior beliefs, habits, behaviors and begin to toss them out and try on new ones until we come to realize that we are something more than just someone tick-tocking their lives away in some kind of unthinking puppet like fashion.

We rediscover our innate goodness… Our innate joy…. Innate delicious foods… Innate fitness and agility…. Innate freedom….

Your somewhere along this path or you would not have found this and be reading this.

Learn how to spot all that is not innate in your body and your life so you can remove that which keeps you from living your Truest Life.

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Erskien Lenier

LandSurfing Digital Nomad

Author: Erskien Lenier

Barefoot Ultra Runner fueled by the original Human Diet - Raw Fruits - Greens - Veggies I teach Runners how to spot flaws in their running form that create injuries and cost them speed and endurance. I also teach them how to optimize their running movement. I also teach how to use your own scenic and action pictures and videos along with food selection, prep and meal images and other kinds of image to drive traffic to your own blog. I teach how to monetize a blog to turn it into a literal printing press that deposits money into your bank account while you're out living your life wherever that takes you.

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