If Not Now… 

When we were toddlers we relentlessly pursued whatever we were passionate about. 

Then along came several decades of demands for us to not follow our passions but to somehow get passionate about what others wanted us to do or be interested in. 

Your passions still live inside you but the probably now unconscious mantra you’ve trained your mind to repeat day and night keeps the now self induced hypnosis that keeps your “Parking Brake” set on pursuing them. 

The Secret to releasing that brake is to realize your doing this to you own reason for coming here in the first place. From that realization one can begin to explore what I’m saying here by going 180 degrees the opposite direction from the habits, judgements and opinions you and those around you murmur to maintain the status quo. 

Example: I had a Step Father who was of much darker skin than I, who was about 6’2″ and big enough to have played pro football. He had severe alcoholism and anger issues too. I had super low self esteem from taking the brunt of his acting all that out at me for years on end. 

I suffered from nightly nightmares whereby gangs of hooded dark figures would be chasing me in the dark outside our house wanting to kill me. 

I was always so full of adrenaline that I got away into the darkness. Then one day was watching tv and they were talking about the idea that if you die on your dreams you won’t ever wake up. 

I pondered that for a few days and even going into sleep. 

Then after a nightmare where those dark figures were about to ponce on me with knives that scared me so bad I bolted up out of sleep I vowed I wanted to know what would really happen if I let them kill me…

That next night I found myself in the nightmare running under a street light out front of my house knowing they were gaining on me. 

Once just past under the street light I suddenly turned as in my mind I said to myself, “I want to see the face of these bastards before they take my life!” 

As they came under the light they suddenly stopped and the light illuminated their faces…. 

Suddenly I realized that every face was my face! 

In that moment I realized that all my fears or demons were self created and not something from outside myself. The nightmares that had plagued me for years ended that night…. From there a new courage was born in me to be more and more bold, self determined and to question everything I had been under the influence of to date. 

You can use this insight to turn upon your own darkest fears.

You don’t have to be asleep to do this and transcend these kinds of boundaries.

Make the decision. 

Turn on them. 

Do exactly what they drive you to not do and watch your life bloom into the real you and your real life emerge as the one fear built evaporates all around you. 

One of the tools I’ve implemented to take out at the knees my biggest fear which was my innate self worth is to figure out how to monetize every passion I have. 

That means that for just “doing my life” as I have a passion to live out, money pours into my bank account to fund whatever I need along the way. 

How did I do this? I used blogging and this http://movie.us/LandSurfingPro to turn a percentage of the visitors to my blog into empowered pursuers of heir own limitations and ultimately their own dreams.

If any of this resonates with you, come join me. 

I’m building a family or team of freedom fighters who understand that a true warrior transcends the need to fight or defend. 

The truth does set us free… 

You are that truth… 

Own it…

Erskien Lenier



Author: Erskien Lenier

Barefoot Ultra Runner fueled by the original Human Diet - Raw Fruits - Greens - Veggies I teach Runners how to spot flaws in their running form that create injuries and cost them speed and endurance. I also teach them how to optimize their running movement. I also teach how to use your own scenic and action pictures and videos along with food selection, prep and meal images and other kinds of image to drive traffic to your own blog. I teach how to monetize a blog to turn it into a literal printing press that deposits money into your bank account while you're out living your life wherever that takes you.

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