My Blueprint to Blogging for Profits

How I Discovered Blogging

I think therefore I blog

I began blogging in November 2005 as a means to share about my transition from cycling to becoming a barefoot ultra distance runner and fruitarian and to market the internet business I owned at the time.

search engine spider defined

Search sites like Google and Bing send out “Search Spiders” that crawl across the pages of web pages they find. These look for topics and keywords and send them back to their source to be “indexed” so future searches via their search tools brings up your site and others similar.

pay per click illustration

Search Engines also make money via ads along the periphery of the search pages and some pay search companies “Per click fees” to have their sites appear at the top of a given search enquiry.

That’s about all I knew about blogging at that time.

I show my blogging students how to make their blogs show up on top of those highly paid large corporations search listings without paying the per click fee. This boost the number of people finding your blog post and discovering the value you share and offer.

As I continued to post to my free amatuer blog and journeyed into the Blogging World I came to realize that blogs, while certainly found by search engine traffic, are much more than a mere place on the internet to share ones views.

Blogs are an invitation the “Living Room of Your Mind” – a ways to document topics you’re passionate about that you want available to yourself and others over time like your own personal library of your life and the topics you hold dear.

Blogs influence, empower, encourage and feed visitors.

Blogs are communication devices, educational resources and sources of entertainment. They connect people, spread ideas, foster friendships, illuminate new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Blogs can be almost anything you want them to be, but what I came to experience as a result of blogging, is A New Way of Life.

mobile blogging

Most don’t realize it but Blogging can be done from either a PC, Laptop or a Smart Phone from anywhere that you can access the Internet. You can even be running across the USA and blog along the way or be on a beach in some foreign country chilling and take a couple minutes to post text, videos or pictures that you feel inspired to post in the moment.

Every day I indulge in a what most would view as a hobby and communicate with like-minded individuals, and best of all, I get paid to do it. How do I get paid? I monetized my blog.

raining money

monitizing your blog

Monetization simply means implementing methods of making money from the content you produce on your blog. This process can occur in many ways – and can evolve over time as new features and technologies emerge to make one’s post more viral and rank higher in search engine searches and more and more companies that we do business with realize that they can bring far more traffic and business to their primary sites through legions of bloggers who are actively growing their audiences vs spending thousands or even millions on tv ads or other forms of web advertising.

What’s important is that the opportunity still exists today to jump on board the blogging bandwagon and get paid for writing about what you love.

Blogging empowers individuals with a tool that generates income and provides an outlet to communicate with and effect the rest of the world. For many people, starting a blog has completely changed how they live their lives – and for the better.


Down the side of this post you can find examples of some of the portals that produce cash for me. It’s a growing income stream that means day by day, week my week and month by month that’s less I need earn from trading my time for money and more time I reclaim to assist you in your journey and free myself to go explore more to bring back to you.


Blogging As a Business, Not a Job – What’s that mean?

best ways to predict the future

The purpose of a business is to leverage a persons time to produce a lot more income in comparison to a job where we are paid linearly by the hour or via a set salary. Even performance based wages like commission sales jobs only pay you based on how much of your time you sell and you earn nothing if take time off. Businesses – especially online businesses that have a global audience as blogging easily becomes produce income based on traffic or visits and in some cases views 24-7-365 for as long as your blog is on the Internet no matter whether you’re sleeping, running, working out, laying on a beach or hanging with the kids. It has no staff to hire or pay and can be done naked or clothed.

Think about this too…

worthless college degree

Blogging allows us to share topics and interest that they don’t even teach in college making what we share valuable as we through our life experience and what we have taken from our self education is unique and worth far more over time. Each of us is our own unique collection of lessons learned from facing challenges along the way. Each of us has a passion that we express in our own unique way that no one else has the flavor of but perhaps relates as they drink from the same fountain that wells up inside them?

When I say I am paid to blog, I don’t mean I am a paid writer.

Professional blogging to me is not about looking for freelance writing gigs, it’s about building a business, an online asset, and leveraging that asset for cash-flow now, and long-term value in the future.

Blogging doesn’t need to be a full-time occupation to produce more than a full time income.

Anyone can earn a consistent $10,000 USD to $30,000 USD per month from a blog business if they take the time to learn how to set up one properly and then become consistent over time of adding content or post that your kind of crowd would appreciate and look forward to consuming.

All I one needs to do to keep a blog working is write a post on something your audience is likely to find interesting, inspiring, controversial or useful every couple to 3 days – sometimes just once a week.

I won’t lie to you, it’s not easy to build a large following, but there is a process you can follow. You do have to post consistently and, most importantly, have the right mental fortitude and attitude to get you there.

Becoming a Blogger is as simple as using a site like this to teach and guide you through everything you could need to know to set up shop and learn a new profession over time.

More to come on this topic.

If you’d like to take the initial steps to begin learning Blogging 101 just go to the clickable images on the right side of this post (if you’re on a pc or laptop or below on a smartphone) and click on the Hostgator image and get the basic hosting package. Then come back to the “Themify” image above Hostgator and get the “Ultra” theme like this blogs as your drag and drop template to build your blog out of. 

The video inside the user area of the Themify site contains a video that will walk you through complete blog set up from A to Z. I am available for questions and guidance also. Use the Contact Me form to request contact and I’ll reach back the same day in most cases.


Erskien Lenier

LandSurfing Fruitarian Blogger

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Reclaiming Your Personal Power

A friend of mine posted the following image on FaceBook and as I pondered its message and the implications of that message I saw another view I’d like to share.
Anyone even a little bit awake realizes that the upper echelon of the money game plays by a different set of rules and laws than the rest of us.
This is also why we must disagree in regard to playing the money game only the way we’ve been indoctrinated to do so.
Meaning we’ve been trained to trade time for money and to allow others to decide how much we can have in metered and watered down amounts.
We’ve been led to believe the owners of companies are the ones who have the only ideas that are valuable enough to motivate others to exchange money for.
That we are only good enough to be workers for the smart, bold and creative few. That’s all a lie.
We can be all of that and more. We can be self employed and not even need capital, take huge risk or have traditional employees or buildings or even know how to sell or any of the crap associate with the old ideas of “owning or operating a business”.
Just as growing your own food is like printing money – meaning instead of selling so much of your life for money to buy food cut out many layers you’re paying for by growing at least some of your own if not all of you see and understand the value of doing so. You save both money and life. No one grows a garden or orchard and says it was draining. If anything it’s the opposite – satisfying and fulfilling.
….so is owning your own creativity, boldness, and having a connection to the Internet via phone or PC.
You can print your own money. But you’ve got to do it within the boundaries of what The Matrix has already deemed as legal.
That’s where Affilliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Blogging and other electronic technologies are the “Bolt Cutters for the Human Spirit” –
These types of self employment – anywhere you can get access to the Internet type business models can leverage your time to produce income in quantities that are far greater than you alone can produce by selling your time at a traditional job by offering your automatable and semi automatable systems that help others find and get or get access to information and resources they seek over the web. They can create residual or reoccurring income by offering subscriptions or memberships to your sites offering over time just like a gym membership, any other monthly bill you pay that creates residual or predictable income for the supplier of the services or products you want on glowing access to. These systems have all this built into them.
I’ve made it my business to find and make available mobile business packages that can be started for free or for pennies per day and leveraged to produce 10’s, even 100’s of thousands per month on tiny investments of cash and time with all training and support supplied.
Explore and ponder….Then Do….
Erskien Lenier

What’s a Fruitarian Meal Look Like?

To thrive on the foods human design is optimized with one must first make the shift in perception that fruits are not just snacks. They are meals… Meaning one must eat enough of a given fruit to completely fill the stomach to the point of the body reaching the feeling of “satiation”. Most don’t know what actual satiation is. When Food is cooked or its of a material that our body does not recognize as out native foods (fruits, greens and veggies all of the more digestible varieties of fiber) will not trigger satiation and most have to use will power to avoid eating until stuffed or will resort to eating “deserts” because their core call for fruits still goes without satisfaction.

Here is an assortment of what I might during a typical day.

Bananas, peaches and prickly pears 
I keep the counter top loaded up with at least a 3 day supply of fruits like bananas, peaches, prickly pears, papayas, mangos, apples, avocados in paper bags to ripen them, watermelons, cantelopes, honey dew melons, tomatoes, durian , rambutan, persimmons, blackberries, pineapples, plums, plus the frig with the same speed of soft fibered greens like romain and spinach complimented with an assortment of veggies like cucumbers, radishes, celery, carrots, various colors of bell peppers. Most evenings even if I’ve done a run of over 5-8 hrs I’ll make a large salad with perhaps a couple apples, a whole cucumber, 2-3 large tomatoes, 4-5 large romain leaves, 8-10 good sized radishes, 2-3 stalks of celery, and make a bowl of guacamole or add avocado to a store bought guacamole (Sprouts and Cardenas locally have tasty ones made fresh each day with no preservatives or other junk added.) I do like black olive slices in some of my salads. Other than these foods the only supplement I take is a B12 capsule as I am minus an appendix and had all the signs of b12 decency before transitioning to a raw Fruitarian diet apparently for decades including neuropathy in my feet. I no longer have that!  

Papaya and bananas 😉

Prickly Pears… My favorite is the red ones as they are the sweetest. 5 for a dollar and that’s in the California. I’d bet they are 20 for a dollar in Arizona or even less in Mexico down south.

Durian is my favorite of all fruits.

I’ll look for a picture of one of my BIG SALADS to add ASAP
Need cash to fund your own “Optimal Lifestyle?” Here a peep at a system I’ve used to “Monetize” my blog and thus my life.

Erskien Lenier

Fruit Powered LandSurfingPro

The Dream is Only a Dream Until…

They think that we are fully born when exit the birth canal…

In reality that is only a practice run…
In truth we are actually going from a caterpillar in a bag of water into another kind of cocoon. As our skin solidifies just like the shell of a molting insect we think we are done until death. That too is entirely incorrect.

The truth is that we still must be born into full Spiritual Maturity.

A transcendence must occur whereby our entire being becomes self aware and melts the boundaries between itself and all others human and non human.
This can also mean transcendence of the largest “White Elephant in the Living Room” (What’s dead obvious to a few of us but most stumble over it and just pick up the tv remote while downing substances and things they call foods to dull the senses and go fully escapist unconscious) –
“Monetary and Time Restriction” is the unspeakable lie the masses dance around daily.

“Birds born in a cage think those flying around outside the cage are crazy or insane”
The same can be said of our nightmares and even awake time sense of limitations.

Test what this hints at…

Go push the door….

It’s unlocked. You’ve been duped!

Jokes on them (Mass Media and the 1%)

Learn how to become a Digital Nomad by subscribing to this blog. 

Over time I will share the secrets to building a blog that will pay for your dream lifestyle.
Erskien Lenier

Escape Artist – LandSurfingPro

Collaboration Instead of Competition

If you help enough others get what they want you will automatically get what you want…

If you help enough others get what they want you will automatically get what you want…
Allegory of the Spoons

My objective over time is to share the secrets to becoming a true Digital Nomad in such a way that anyone that follows my blueprint can travel and live anywhere on Earth that has access to the internet by phone or other device and create a more than adequate living while empowering everyone they touch.

Subscribe to this blog and stay in the loop.


Erskien Lenier

The Most Common Running Injuries and How to 100% Eliminate Them Permanently

On any given run as I come upon another runner, the first thing I notice about them is their running gait or how they move and used their legs, feet, joints, hips, and muscles including their hands, arms and shoulders.

Why do I do this?


On any given run as I come upon another runner, the first thing I notice about them is their running gait or how they move and used their legs, feet, joints, hips, and muscles including their hands, arms and shoulders.


Why do I do this?


During the season of my life that I was a highly trained racing cyclist, I invested over 750,000 miles into just one task…. That was to perfect teaching my legs to push, press, and pull pedals in as perfect a circle to mimic the 360 degree mechanically circular orbit of the bikes pedals attached to the crankset. We called it spinning and cadence work. In the pursuit of perfecting one’s spin some of the things that had to also be examined was where one’s hips (the upper pivot point for the thigh bones to hinge from) sat in relation to both their height from the bikes pedals at the pedals lowest point in its circular path and how far behind the axle or center of the crankset when viewed from above. From there it was a matter of making the upper body – torso, arms, head and neck comfortable and relaxed and all that came down to width – height and reach out in front of the handlebar – stem for proper hand placement for proper weight distribution front to back of the bike for cornering, aerodynamics and attunement to the handling of the machine  purposes.






Why do I share this?

Because of the amount of time and dedication required to become a highly competitive and ultra distance high speed cyclist, a lot of focus is put into optimizing form and efficiency for the least amount of wasted energy output and to optimize the sensation and effect of feeling effortless even at maximal power outputs.



When I transitioned back over to running about 8 yrs ago now after several decades since last doing any amount of running it took just a couple of weeks for me to become acutely aware of how inefficient each step felt over the span of any run beyond a handful of miles.  Between the hot spots between my shoes – socks and feet, the compounding trauma of mile after mile of landing friction and load to my feet, knees and hips, and the feeling that even though I was day by day adapting well in some aspects of my training load while coming apart at joints, losing toe nails, aware of huge muscle tension and joint elasticity – range of motion on a right side vs left side of the body from shoulders to toes left me initially wondering if I was just really out of running shape or did I need a different shoe or insert in my shoes to stabilize all this mess of a body so it could adapt uniformly?

I over $120 a month in different shoes and inserts, moleskin and special socks looking for the Holy Grail of what made a difference. The running gear suppliers loved me. I was a broken runner with a shotgun approach to diagnosis of a pattern of problems and was willing to throw money at anything they suggested or I thought might be a chance to fix what ailed me.





After realizing I was not going to reach my goal of being comfortable running 20-30 miles per day 4-5 days a week (which I figured would pretty closely approximate in internal effect the 350-500 miles per week training load my body had been used to for over 2 decades of bicycle road racing) due to nagging right foot, shin, knee, hip, back and even shoulder injuries and pains, I got on the internet and started googling search terms like: “How to solve knee pains from running?” and “How to run 100 miles per week?” and “How to eliminate shin splints?” and “Why do feet need orthotics?”

As I explored every link that came up a pattern began to emerge…. Those that were reporting that they had become injury free and were running say a marathon or more a month as the testing grounds for their training mileage were illustrating that they had come to realize these core things about proper running form, mechanics and the need for ground level feed back….

  1. The number one thing that radically changed their injury rate and healed all their injuries was realizing that sustainable running was only achieved by honoring the biomechanical design of how the bodys suspension and energy storage systems work under optimal angles and ranges of motion that respected gravity and ground forces. In simple english this means that hyperextending the foot and leg out in front of one’s center of gravity which is in the hip joints creates a landing effect at the heel of the foot of braking no different from a pole vaulter sprinting down the runway only to plant his or her pole into the “pit” and sending all that speed and momentum into the ground and into flexing the pole while using some of that momentum to left the body up into the sky to hopefully fall over the delicately balanced vault bar (Hip Joints in running mechanics)



The net results, like the vaulter is to reach to apex or top of the movement only to have zero forward momentum left and to have to restart the whole process over again to end up with the same result.

In running this is what produces the “leaping into the air” like appearance of most runners who did not grow up running on their bare soles or at least a very thin sole with no padding added.



If one digs up video of any aboriginal tribes or even watches newly running toddlers in motion you’ll see that instead of hyperextending the foot out front they appear to be running in place with a slight forward lean at the ankle level only to cause them to “fall forward” while storing energy in the landed foot, Achilles and calf muscle on landing and during loading directly under their center of gravity.




We modern humans have developed the habit of stuffing young children’s feet into shoes far to early and too often for them to develop a proper sense of feeling through their soles so they can have the feedback of what is pain free and efficient movement across the land.

Think of anything that pads the soles from the ground as various thicknesses of blindfolds placed over the eyes. Perhaps some even had small pillows or super thick layers of fabric over their eyes. Now image all the creative and disastrous experiences that are likely to come out of this behavior if one is simply sent out the door like this… Since one is told that everyone must wear blindfolds and it’s normal and it’s unsafe not to and your even told it’s cool and such despite all the stumbling and your eyes being forced crossed or even cockeyed over time from the compression against them you stop questioning consciously but something inside you still makes you wonder why people adopted the practice?

Then after attempting to go down paths the masses don’t usually take (running) you realize not seeing is causing more problems than it’s supposed to be solving and you really begin to question it.

Get it?

So via the Internet I started to connect with runners who were successfully running vast distances including world record holders, those running across nations and around the world. They all pretty much expressed that I needed to rediscover feed back from my soles which meant, stop buying shoes that blind my feet and open the eyes of my soles (pun intended).

I did… The first run with my shoes in hand was only about a mile…. But a joyous mile it was… I came home with a grin ear to ear as my right knee and shins had calmed down as they recognized I was finally listening to their call.

The outcome of that first run was the realization that without padding or constriction of the bones of the foot from laces or velcro I naturally landed on the front of the foot causing the foots natural arch to act as a spring which is what arches are designed for. That huge ligament called the Achilles and that extends down from the calf to the heel and on forward to the ball of the foot (called the Plantar ligament in anatomy circles) began to store energy momentarily and release some of that stored energy on liftoff. Due to my landing moving directly down and even back of my hip center of gravity there was more a “falling forwards” sensation as if I was on a treadmill and the Earth was moving under me and I was standing still.  The amount of time that my foot was in contact with the ground was much less as the simple act of shifting my weight from right to left foot and back was much less taxing energy and trauma wise than the pole vaulting like effect of my prior running form.  Because landing under my center of gravity takes so little if any momentum from my forward fall there was no longer a need to push-off after landing, loading the lifting off.  Finally, I had found that “Sweet Spot” that I innately knew running was supposed to be! This I came to call “LandSurfing” – Thus the term I coined….

Great example of good running form:

Some of the top resources other than my own feedback through the soles of my feet that helped me dial this process in came from these two primary sites:

Proper Running Form:

Barefoot Insights and More Form Tips:

Best Minimalist Sandals Made:


Erskien Lenier


You Are Only One Decision Away From A Totally Different Life.

Most when considering a change in direction in life sabotage their motive to do so by thinking about how many new decisions they will face if they head out on a change of coarse.

The thing to realize is that we make decisions in the moment… Every decision… in moments… Not all of them at once…

If you can make a tangible decision right now, you will with as much ease, grace, comfort, security make the next one and the next one and the next one…. Leave all the emotionism out the vision. Breath deeply and pursue your dreams instead of shrinking back into a cobweb of hopelessness.

Most when considering a change in direction in life, sabotage their motive to do so by thinking about how many new decisions they will face if they head out on a change of course.


The thing to realize is that we make decisions in the moment… Every decision… in moments… Not all of them at once…

If you can make a tangible decision right now, you will with as much ease, grace, comfort, security make the next one and the next one and the next one…. Leave all the emotionalism out the vision. Breath deeply and pursue your dreams instead of shrinking back into a cobweb of hopelessness.

  1. Never think that what you have to offer is insignificant. There will always be someone out there that needs what you have to give.
    I did!

    People close to me use to declare that the topics and post I did on various Social Networks were pointless as no one really followed my silly ass rants and perspectives…

    Then I took a little time off from posting only to come back and to my surprise there were tons of comments about how much I was missed and had inspired even friends of friends and beyond to re-examine their views and try new things they either had not understood they could do or didn’t know how to do before. You have tremendous value… Far greater than you can know… You MUST share it for your life to blossom and reach its truest purpose.

  2. It’s not about how many followers you have…

    It’s about how many you motivate, inspire or activate.

Erskien Lenier