Are we really “modern men” yet?

During my dark years of trying be a good little cooked food eater I would have moments where I pondered why we exposed so many foods to fire.

I readily saw the absurdity of eating raw flesh, even sushi made little sense yet I understand how much we do to hide or mask and remake the taste of flesh to convince the tongue to let it past.

It was after pondering how no creature in nature gives its food a ‘fever” nor tries to change its flavor with all kinds of “excitotoxins” that I began to really question what we really knew about whats native – innate or natural human foods?

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It was during the search for answers to these kinds of questions that I got the full frontal views of what animals go through to become eaten by humans and what affects all this has in humans.

That’s when I realized most of us have been deceived all our lives and don’t know we don’t know because our innate compassion for animals and even humans has been pummeled and buried in suppression, and the effects of consuming the chemistry of death contained in the bodies of those we pay others to kill and we eat.

Food Inc.

This awakening brought me to the realization that humanity is actually still in the stone ages when it comes to understanding health and optimizing human fueling.

Never mind respect for the Planet and all its other inhabitants.


I, like perhaps you, are budding flowers of this new era of awareness…. Soon to become planet wide.

Our current system of things – meaning jobs, time demanded or required to earn enough to live healthily, TV and online media is all constructed or rigged to protect the interest of the few that control what the masses are programmed to consume.

These top of the pyramid few are power to the people – or – your being awake, educated on topics that matter, being well, or a free-thinker.

This must change on an ever-expanding scale to bring about “The Shift” the planets population of humans need to change all this.


Erskien Lenier