Empathy vs Ego?

When I was a small boy I remember my step father taking me to one of my aunts home to visit. As our time there passed I noticed more and more men and their families showing up and as usual they were all drinking lots of alcohol and talking loud.

Then I saw one of them pick up a large metal bowl and a butcher knife and head outside with all the other men following.

I thought nothing of it at that point until I began to hear men yelling, laughing and a very large pig screaming louder than I’d ever heard any creature before.

I bolted out the door to see what was going on only to see 8-10 men holding down a massive male pig with some violently parting his hind legs while in the midst of cutting open his scrotum with no anesthetic and cutting off his testicles.

Then breaking out a can of something that sprayed blue all over the area they had gutted his crotch moments before. The pig screamed so loud and they were all laughing, hooping and hollering…

I felt such a revulsion that all I could do was stand speechless that adult men that I was supposed to see as noble, authoritarian, fair, trust worthy and ethical could do such a thing to a creature that offered no harm to anyone?

That was the beggining of my awakening to the mentally ill world I too had been born into.

The remainder of this post is an assortment of images that I hope wil cause you to question what you may have dimmed your own sense of compassion and respect for both human and non human “others”.

Why is Meat a Risk Factor for Diabetes?


Make the shift – Humans are innate or natural raw fruit – soft fiber greens and veggie eaters. It’s the ego driven by darkness that creates the addiction to eating dead things that ultimately kill us in kind.

Rediscover your heart – go Raw Fruit – Vegan – Go to the “Search” window on this blog and type in Fruitarian and hit Enter to learn what to eat that optimizes everything about a human body.

Erskien Lenier

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PS – Becoming Fully Awake will mean the System or Matrix as it is configured will no longer want to subsidize your journey because you won’t support its agendas.

You’re going to need a new lifestyle that allows you to transcend The Matrix’s agendas and limitations.

Consider what I am doing – I am monetizing aspects of my online life to fund an alternative life of Freedom and Plenty outside of Greed and Lack which is inherent to The Matrix.

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If any creatures we find on Mars are Martians then any that live on Earth are Earthlings.

So why do we befriend some and slaughter another when doing so both destroys the Earths viability to support and sustain life and kills us from the inside out?

Especially in the light of the massive evidence that has come to light that humans are innate Fruitarians – Vegans over consumers of the bodies of other Earthlings?

For the sake of the Planet, our children and all the other Species that co-habit this blue – green ball spinning through space I offer you a broader view here that I hope will help you get in touch with what is innate in you and shed views that have been killing you since adopting them.


Trailer for Earthlings the Documentary

Erskien Lenier

For the Animals and Spaceship Earth

How Fruitarian Ultra Runners Replenish Electrolytes

Since I run as a lifestyle my body sweats electrolytes and I replenish them from both the fruits that form my primary calorie source and an array of greens and veggies usually in the form of salads.

Most think of a salad as rabbit food with no real calories and as just making them hungry for “real food” after munching one down. That view is like having lived ones whole life in the darkness of a cave and when someone finally comes in with candle thinking they have finally seen the sun!

When I make a salad for myself I scale it up to full meal size and with satiation in mind. Satiation means satisfaction or feeling that I have been completely satisfied by the natural contents of what I ate leaving me with no further desire to eat anything else for hours.

That’s 2 large cucumbers, 14 large dark olives, a large gala apple, 5 large romaine leaves, 1 red bell pepper, 1 green bell pepper, 1 one yellow bell pepper, 1 orange bell pepper, 2 large  tomatoes, 8 small radishes and a dip of guacamole with chopped red onions, jalapenos, tomatoes.

Stay tuned… more to come…
Erskien Lenier

Future Generations Will Look Back at Humanity in Disgust

It’s true… Future generations will look back on the era of humans eating the dead bodies of other Earthlings in disgust and disbelief.

Evolve – Rediscover your Inner Innate Raw Fruitarian – Vegan Roots, Fruits, Greens and Veggies

Learn more – Use the “Search” window to find more post about “Fruitarian” and “Raw Vegan” fueling.


Erskien Lenier

What does a raw Fruitarian have for breakfast?

First thing when I get up I have about 16 oz of purified water. I have my first meal of the day about 45 minutes to a couple of hours later. I’m rarely hungry waking up.

This morning I had a counter top of peaches that were ready to eat so I cut up about 8 large ones.

That bowl carried me about 5 hours then I had that watermelon in the top picture. Half at about 130 pm the other half about 6 pm. I might have a large salad after I get home this evening.


A lot of you think this way of fueling is expensive and it’s not actually. Especially in light of I never have cravings, get sick, I weigh what I weighed in high school – 178 lbs when completely hydrated and physically I do things I couldn’t do even in my 20’s.

Erskien Lenier

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Do You Really Trust In Yourself?

When we are born, we innocently and innately trust in ourselves.

When hungry, we cry to let Mom know to breast feed us.

When we smell her we know we are safe and can relax.

When we feel the urge to empty our bowels we go.

When we are tickled we laugh out loud.

Even up to toddlerhood, if given a choice of raw, ripe, sweet, water rich, fruits over any other raw food possibility we will choose and gorge out on the fruits.

Fruit is good

If we’ve never had cooked and seasoned foods and they are introduced, we will cringe and wonder what such foul-tasting and lifeless textured crap is…
Then along comes the endless avalanche of programming demanding we ignore what’s innate and become “Civilized” – Which is code for ignorant, while being told we are becoming intelligent.

That programming will include things like more and more denatured foods and combinations of chemicals that were never food in the first place or were “engineered in a lab”, shoes that eliminate “sole level sensory feedback”  resulting in “gait blindness” that makes walking and running no longer feel graceful and exhilarating so the child will begin to lust after what he or she sees other and older humans doing – relying more and more upon mechanical legs called wheels and more and more time sitting – atrophying the lower body as a lifestyle.

For most, by adulthood what’s innate is so buried under all manner of physical, mental and emotional blinders that we feel lost in a world we were born to one with.

For more and more of us, we are awakening to this disconnect from the heart – our souls and questioning what we are missing. We realize the world as we’ve been fed it is fake, false, contrived, force-fed to us in our upbringings.

Bit by bit we begin to question each piece of these multi-layered mask and realize our role in adopting such dysfunctional overlays. We “defuse” our attachment to prior beliefs, habits, behaviors and begin to toss them out and try on new ones until we come to realize that we are something more than just someone tick-tocking their lives away in some kind of unthinking puppet like fashion.

We rediscover our innate goodness… Our innate joy…. Innate delicious foods… Innate fitness and agility…. Innate freedom….

Your somewhere along this path or you would not have found this and be reading this.

Learn how to spot all that is not innate in your body and your life so you can remove that which keeps you from living your Truest Life.

Subscribe to this blog so that over time you feed yourself back to your Truest Health and create Digital Nomadic Wealth – Freedom still exist.

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Hacking Your DNA For The Regeneration Of The Human Body

Much of modern aging is the results of the drag on our bodily systems caused by foods and substances we consume that the body sees as either damaged tissue (cooked or raw meat or other animals DNA containing fluids or parts), toxic chemicals, and broken chains of what was organically combined chemicals that could has made sense (or sentences of instructions) but no longer do, due to either our having exposed them to an artificial fever or having come from inorganic sources in the first place (chemically made food additives and vitamins)

Much of modern aging is the results of the drag on our bodily systems caused by foods and substances we consume that the body sees as either damaged tissue (cooked or raw meat or other animals DNA containing fluids or parts), toxic chemicals, and broken chains of what was organically combined chemicals that could have made sense (or sentences of instructions) but no longer do, due to either our having exposed them to an artificial fever or having come from inorganic sources in the first place (chemically made food additives and vitamins)
Stopping Degeneration in the Body
What we MUST do to stop our accelerating downhill slide towards the grave…
One of the most profound realizations I had in my quest to understand why I felt so de-energized eating other animals body parts or even substances that came out of their body’s like milk and eggs, was that once ingested our body’s innate intelligence actually read the organic vs inorganic source code or DNA – Chemistry of what we consumed and made very intelligent decisions as to whether a given meal appeared to be damaged tissue, contained “Organic Chemistry encoded enough to actually support life in a human biochemistry powered body, meaning it was composed of “organically combined sentences of chemicals” of “What would this meal would be good for?
If the components of the meal tested by the body’s innate intelligence, to be organically jumbled, modified, missing letters in its alphabetical key tumblers or proved just unreadable….
It’s likely to be deemed poisonous, dangerous or toxic.
How would one know what the body thinks of what one ate?
Generally, the very best way to know the answer to this question is to fully power up the human space suit with a stomach full of ripe, water rich, sweet fruits or at least blendered fruits in the form of smoothies over the span of a few days or weeks. Once the body is powered up beyond what your past diet could support, re-adding back in any of the lower vibration food like choices will bring you back to the level of functionality you used to tolerate only because you had been in that state for so long that your memory of what being adequately powered up has been buried by a massive pile of lies and ignorance.
Scientist have actually put tiny cameras into stomachs of living humans and along with taking samples of stomach contents shortly after consumption of raw and cooked animal flesh vs raw and cooked plant foods to eat to see how the body responded to them at the immune system level.
How the Immune System Works….
If you have an antivirus program on your computer it most likely scans every incoming email and every web page link looking for anything that could bring harm or has malicious intent to your pc. Our immune system works very much like that too.
When we ingest any form of the DNA of another animal be it raw or cooked, your immune systems upfront reaction is to launch a full-scale front line attack of white blood cells with the mission being first to encapsulate (Mucus or Pus is dead white blood cells) and then remove the offending substance through the nearest or most functional system of elimination.
This response also happens to a much lesser degree regarding cooked plant-based foods. It’s almost non-existent regarding whole, ripe, raw, water rich, sweet, organic fruits, greens and veggies.
This mucus or pus reaction over time coats the digestive systems lining with  a sticky and gooey material mixed with undigested or undigestable foods you ate. Over more time it becomes a kind of “spackle” or plaster that hardens, reducing how much exposed intestinal wall you have to absorb nutrients or remove toxins from the blood stream through.
This stage sets in motion inflammation of the intestinal lining and autointoxication and the shift of the blood pH towards acid and a cascade of “Perfect Storm” like conditions throughout the body for any illness up to and including cancer to blossom and thrive. This my friends is why Diet is the most important aspect of Inner Hygiene and Inner Health.
This reality alone was enough to solidify my conviction that we have in mass and generationally been scammed into a Diet of Death and ultimately destruction of our species, all other species and the Planet Earth – of which is self-evident if one looks around or at pictures like the one below that depicts the next “De-Evolution” of humanity if it stays on the path it’s on.
This Death Diet is designed to accelerate aging, dim the inner lights or brain power in the areas of critical thinking outside the norms, and making people more controllable and manipulatable.
To question one’s food choices, applicability, and the ethics of where the food came from vs our inner adhorance to blood shed, violence, rape, slavery and such is a direct threat to  our “Handlers” and “Programmers” as a mass Awakening is a threat to their profiting from weakness and ignorance.




What to do to Fully Power Up Your Body’s Capacity for Regeneration

Humans closest cousins who share 98% of the same DNA and design as us are the Bonobo Chimpanzees. They are unlike the occasional insect and small animal eating cousins regular chimps and other species of monkey, by design purely Fruitarians. They also happen to have zero tendency towards violence towards one another and tend to share everything they find for food with each other.
In my own observations I clearly see that the more animal DNA any given human consumes the more likely they will look at and operate out of fear, pain avoidance, lack empathy for other humans, especially if they seem in any way different.
Everything about us seems geared towards Fruit as our primary fuel. The largest portion of real estate on the human tongue is dedicated to tasting for sweets. Not blood, not fat, not protein, but sweets. Think that’s an accident or mistake? Think not… We have no natural ability to take down animals large enough to supply our caloric needs without technology. If we somehow could as humans are discussed at the idea of burying our faces into the ripped open hot, bloody, smelly bowels of a fresh kill to eat its delicate organs as all true carnivorous animals salivate to do. But wave a slice of a ripe, juicy peach, watermelon, honey-dew or papaya in front of the same human’s nose and it’s as if a beautiful woman just walked into a room of viral men or vise versa (or whatever combo rocks your attention).  The drool in the mouth at the scent of the fruit is unavoidable. The only way a human drools at a dead animal carcass is to reframe the carcass into a cooked piece of carved up meat smothered in the seasonings from plants to camouflage their lack of desire to eat such a choice. That’s a pretty powerful clue right there….
What to Consume Instead?
The trail of clues is as simple as taking a weanable toddler and placing it in a play pen with various piles of grains, dry beans, seeds, grasses and greens, veggies and a puppy, a chicken, a baby goat, a calf and various slices of organic, ripe, sweet, water rich, fruits. Then stand back and watch it naturally select its native foods before an adults dysfunctional programming comes in an confuses the child into the downward slide towards endless confusion and illnesses.

hack image


The key to realizing that humans are innate Fruitarian’s is that we’ve been trained to think of sweets as bad and fruits are only snack food or at best desert. That’s incorrect.

Before I unpack that note let me also mention that humans are the only species upon the Earth that thinks it ought to consume more than one food at a meal. Meaning all animals in nature eat “Mono Meals” or one food until satiated, full or satisfied. This allows for the body to specialize in how to best digest and utilize  this one food to an optimal outcome during digestion and conversion to microscopic elements needed for the various systems that actually need the foods nutritional contents and encoding.

Regarding humans being innate Fruitarians – from our tongues to our teeth to the soft hair like lining of our digestive tracts (Villi) which are destroyed by sticky, gooey, low fibered animal product consumption and also damaged and destroyed by the harder kinds of plant fibers which is why humans are not innate Vegans or Herbivores either. Most vegetation is of the harder fiber varieties. Those fibers when consumed and especially when ground up either via our teeth or a blender become tiny shards of glass like particles to our delicate stomach and intestinal linings that scrape, cut and scar said lining. The mentioned Villi contain tiny capillaries which is where the transfer of nutrients into the bloodstream and waste byproducts out of the blood stream is supposed to occur. Destroy those and you are forever compromised in your ability to absorb nutrition and maintain toxin free blood chemistry.  We can dissolve the soft fibers of fruits and the softer fiber varieties of greens and veggies.  Not the hard stuff… and that’s also why so much of the less than optimal stuff has historically been cooked before camouflaging the taste to eat them. Real human foods require no heat nor camouflage.

When we return to eating enough fruits each day via mono meals and occasional mixing of fruits to meet our actual caloric needs for whatever level of activity we carry we automatically consume enough free form amino or simple protein molecules and free form fatty acids or healthy fats to get those needs met automatically. Cravings go away… Alertness becomes self-evident… Weight drops as the body no longer needs to dilute the poisons we’ve consumed in our weakened state of not having the inner fortitude to pass the toxins out via stool, urine, sweat and breath… Bowl odor disappears, sweat no longer smells like ammonia or sulfur… And much, much more…

Eating junk – dead, nutrient impoverished, species inappropriate foods and food like substances is subsidized by the industries that profit from your being fat, sick, weak, having cravings and being confused.
Some of those include the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Food Cartels.
They are subsidized or paid off by Welfare Programs funded by your tax dollars through the Government. The Government funnels your taxes over to these industries to lower these industries overhead so they can sell you their products and services far below their true cost to create or offer so you stay addicted and dimmed – dumbed down to question or challenge or afford to question or leave their plans for your life.
It’s easy to justify moving to an organic, living foods diet but not so much when one’s budget is strained already within the current budget.
Since Regenerative Foods are not subsidized, but actually penalized with extra paperwork and accountability standards compared to Factory Farmed junk foods, they cost more to live on at least in the USA.
Erskien Lenier
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