The Spirit of All Things

In my lifelong exploration of what is eternal, universal and immortal about what both permeates and transcends this world, I’ve come to settle into the reality that there is definitely an invisible presence, that is the spirit of all things, and we are either identifying with that and reaping the benefit or not.
Spirit Body
In another season of life I came back from a N.D.E. with the awareness of an invisible presence as more of an energy than an entity and a knowing that perfection exists within that energy and that we are an extension of it and can experience more of our truest nature by tuning into who we really are and out of who we are not, as opposed to an entity who dishes out favorable outcomes based on its own apparently limited perceptual choosing.


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I think the reason that religion doesn’t set well with us is that abusive men have used their perception of the existence of this presence and used their ability to project from that power abusively to spread mass hypnosis for the purpose of deceiving, manipulating and to Lording over other others.

German Chancellor Adolf Hitler gestures during a speech in May 1937 at an unknown location in Germany.  As one of the most notorious tyrants in world history,  Hitler helped form the Nazi Party in 1919.  He became the dictator of Germany in 1933 and launched the holocaust as a "final solution" to the "Jewish problem" as well as gypsies and homosexuals.   In 1939, he invaded Poland and began World War II which ravaged Europe. The Fuhrer of the Third Reich committed suicide on April 30, 1945 with his mistress, Eva Braun.  Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945.   (AP Photo)

The real point of power is within each of us – our own perceptions, but some of it is due to the perception of others we began to install as babies and toddlers on up through the indoctrination channels we each and collectively were brought up within.
god within
We are all connected somewhat in mind, and affected by the collective.
It was the development of the ego through language that began the dimming of our true identity and connection to something universal, immortal and infinite in capacity. 
Feed the soul
It is in our quest to transcend the views and beliefs of the ego that finally allow us to reawaken to a much larger and powerful sense of self and our collective connectedness.
We’ve begun to reawaken in mass to the wholesale theft of these noble and honorable truths and that is the beginnings of the full birth of an era of humans that are truly kind (Man – Kind)
We are not helpless. We are the source of both what has been wrong about the history and present of humanity and the what is and can be right about the role we can play in birthing a heaven right here on Earth.
Religions and Politics have turned into Santa Claus Gods whose power is easily refuted.
santa claus god
We have a lot of power to affect change by changing our own perceptions.
Collectively, we will get there, inevitably…. One by One….
Erskien Lenier
Being the Change
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