Dyslexia as a Tool for Empowerment

You carry in your body the cell level memory of your life’s moments or memories all the way back to when your body was 2 completely physically two different cells in mom and dad.


Everything those two cells experienced and all the cells that have birthed after they met are imprinted with every “learning moment” of your entire life. And every moment awake, asleep, of even knocked out is a learning moment to the intelligence that orchestrates the trillions of things going on on all levels of body level awareness.


The following is a comment I made to a friends post after he made a funny about dyslexia which is a form of cellular memory being acted out.

I decided to repost if here as so few have been awakened in this area so that those who recognize in themselves any of what I wrote might be encouraged and motivated to pursue more insights and experiences of mastering cellular memory and using it for their own highest good and even the good of others….


Dyslexia is in most cases a stress induced blind spot in nerve and muscle circuits.


Every moment of our lives is a learning moment.

Everything our cellular memory (which is every entire bodily position including the eyes, we are in especially during experiences of distress or pain) stores how we feel and our thoughts about our perceptions.


Negative emotions especially intense or chronic ones, become areas of “if it looks like, sounds like, smells like, taste like, feels like…. It must be like (something we didn’t like in the past) and we don’t won’t to feel that way again so what did we do in the that perhaps far distant past learning moment?

In moments of extreme negative stress we tend to check out perceptually and even functionally on being fully conscious and responsible or responsive functionally in that area.

Behavioral Barometer

Now imagine during the process of learning each letter of the alphabet a kid is not ready to learn alphabets but is a math wiz at that age but is forced to try to do alphabets.

What do you think will be happening from those days forward when he tries to read a paragraph of text and recall what it means from within his inner cloud of feeling “checked out emotionally or any number of emotions that come online as the muscles of each eye strain to focus on what each letter sounds like, looks like, feels like? BBBBAAAMMMM instant dyslexia.

These symptoms can also affect every other area of a person’s life including athletic and relationship performance or attunement. I was the person I just described. In the midst of discovering how to regenerate nerves, joints and cartilage destroyed in a hit n run almost life ending car vs motorcycle event back in my 20’s I stumbled upon a school here in CA that specialized in the testing, identification and correction of dyslexias.

After reading one of their brochures and recognizing I had all the symptoms they described I opted to sit in on one of their demo nights and realized the work they did was an important part of my path to both being finally free of the influence of a shadowy effect of my childhood that haunted me decade after decade and learning more about triggering the body’s powers of regeneration.

muscle testing chart

Instead of becoming a private one on one client on the side of theirs I through every last penny I had without an afterthought to become a trainer / facilitator of their insights, processes and seminars.

The certification included hands on classroom testing, identifying and “defusion” of every possible area of emotion induced blind spots that were the source of a pervasive symptom map of my dyslexias.

This transformed my life in ways I will never be able to fully articulate. I set up a private practice and seminar – facilitator training business that I ran for years.

I totally enjoyed witnessing and experiencing tons of others discover how they made themselves dyslexic and how to permanently and painlessly defuse it. And I used those experiences and insights to build a bridge to insights that allowed me to not only restore all the body parts the supposedly the best doctors on the planet claimed were not naturally salvageable, but have gone on to do things I never dreamed I could even in my 50’s that I couldn’t do in my 20’s physically, mentally and emotionally.

Miracles are everywhere and within us.

We’ve mostly been crippled out of fear, ignorance and generational curses.

All of which can been used as fodder for growth.

It’s in our DNA and your sense of self empowerment is just beyond your body level blind spots or fears.

Reach back to me for tips on how to undo your own symptoms of dyslexia or for a referral to work with someone in your region.


Erskien Lenier

Illuminating The Way

Beating Aging At It’s Own Game

In moments of intense or highly charged emotion that so overwhelm the senses we tend to check out perceptually or do a sort of “perceptual stutter” where we only perceive bits and pieces of what happened while the body which is always self aware for internal function stability continues to record what it feels and even the thoughts or beliefs we are running at any given time in any given event. This is called Cellular Memory.

Having come from over 23 years of bicycle road racing I was a survivor of countless bike crashes whereby I hit the pavement either sliding or came to an abrupt halt. None of these resulted in broken bones but did imprint a lot of memories of pain into the skin, muscles and systems that were in play at the time the crashes happened.


In moments of intense or highly charged emotion that so overwhelm the senses we tend to check out perceptually or do a sort of “perceptual stutter” where we only perceive bits and pieces of what happened while the body which is always self-aware for internal function stability continues to record what it feels and even the thoughts or beliefs we are running at any given time in any given event.  This is called Cellular Memory.


During what is experienced as trauma or being out of control or unable to cope moments, this perceptual stutter or fear of what’s happening or happening next creates a “Perceptual or Emotion Induced Blind Spots”.



It’s as if a part of the flow of consciousness has frozen a part of time. Think of like an artery that is either partially plugged or completely plugged and everything beyond the obstruction is under nourished or under powered or even choked off enough to die.



Science understands the mechanical pressures of misaligned joints in the cause of the nerve impulse blockage but has not studied nor understood the role positive and negative emotions can play in creating reversed polarities inside of the neural networks of muscles and systems affecting muscle coordination, tension and relaxation.

Chiropractic only looks at the effects of this pattern as a bone – impingement problem and has no or little understanding and little to no tools for dealing with cellular memory.



The reality is that we create the neurological blind spots and blockages that reduce both physical functionality and personality function vs dysfunction bases on every decision or belief we empower in a moment of intense emotion.  We either empower ourselves in the way we frame things or we disempower and bit by bit restrict our body’s abilities one decision at a time.

Over the span of my cycling career I saw the effects of both the crashes and the personal issues that seemed to haunt me and how it seemed harder and harder to stay in top form fitness and health wise and top focus, motivation and ability to recover from hard efforts. I thought it was ageing…



It wasn’t until I’d traveled the world a bit and saw that some athletes seemed to be able to hold high levels of fitness at the same age I was and even much older that I began to question what was the true nature of why I was slowing down and breaking down more often?



This lead me to study such areas a dyslexia or our tendency to reverse perception or blank out on whole sections of perceptions initially first studied as relevant to academics. As I delved deeper into how the nervous system works (Structural Neurology and Kinesiology) It became self-evident that the supposed “Stress Induced Blind Spots” mentioned above, didn’t just affect the muscles or nerves but the whole of ones being up to and including what we perceive, edit out of perception, how well bodily systems work or don’t work and much more.



Another profound realization was that we create these cellular memories almost at the speed of light by sending tons of emotive energy to nerve circuits that are actively involved in any given bodily position at the time of trauma fusing that energy with whatever beliefs or opinions we are running at the time.



Think of a time when something stubbed your toe or smashed a finger… What did you think or say when that happened? Now understand this… Your “Body Level Awareness” does not perceive time as linear. It connects with time as a continuum where the past, present and future are all actively real and something to access to see how you’re likely to cope or have coped before in a timeless kind of way. So as you reaccessed that memory of pain and the thoughts you had – your brain is business setting up your blood chemistry, reflexes, muscle tone, coordination or lack thereof to reexperience that pain again… and every time a situation looks like, sounds like, smells, like taste like or feels anything like that past memory guess what your brain is busy doing especially in the prior affected body parts?  Yeah, and adding more pain and expectation of pain and fear of pain to the cellular memory. So multiply this times the years and even repeated similar injuries or tendencies towards injuries in those areas… See the pattern yet?

Well the good news that all sports medicine doctors have over looked is that just as easy as we initially create these “Stress Induced Blind Spots” that become weaknesses of dysfunctional functionality and color our perceptions in times when we probably need more perception and not less we can use the body’s own creative powers to undo permanently what’s been done releasing tremendous healing power on all levels of one’s body, mind and spirit.


If you like the insights gained from this post let me know below and I will do a post on how to gently and permanently, test, identify and defuse any and all “Stress Induced Blind Spots” that seem to be a recurring theme in your life.


BTW: What I am sharing with you I paid a TON of CASH to learn and experience. I also used to teach this material in class room setting while seeing private clients to help them with everything from academic dyslexia to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), to sports and auto injuries with hugely more successful results after MD’s had written them off or resorted to medication only to manage symptoms.


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Erskien Lenier