My Blueprint to Blogging for Profits

How I Discovered Blogging

I think therefore I blog

I began blogging in November 2005 as a means to share about my transition from cycling to becoming a barefoot ultra distance runner and fruitarian and to market the internet business I owned at the time.

search engine spider defined

Search sites like Google and Bing send out “Search Spiders” that crawl across the pages of web pages they find. These look for topics and keywords and send them back to their source to be “indexed” so future searches via their search tools brings up your site and others similar.

pay per click illustration

Search Engines also make money via ads along the periphery of the search pages and some pay search companies “Per click fees” to have their sites appear at the top of a given search enquiry.

That’s about all I knew about blogging at that time.

I show my blogging students how to make their blogs show up on top of those highly paid large corporations search listings without paying the per click fee. This boost the number of people finding your blog post and discovering the value you share and offer.

As I continued to post to my free amatuer blog and journeyed into the Blogging World I came to realize that blogs, while certainly found by search engine traffic, are much more than a mere place on the internet to share ones views.

Blogs are an invitation the “Living Room of Your Mind” – a ways to document topics you’re passionate about that you want available to yourself and others over time like your own personal library of your life and the topics you hold dear.

Blogs influence, empower, encourage and feed visitors.

Blogs are communication devices, educational resources and sources of entertainment. They connect people, spread ideas, foster friendships, illuminate new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Blogs can be almost anything you want them to be, but what I came to experience as a result of blogging, is A New Way of Life.

mobile blogging

Most don’t realize it but Blogging can be done from either a PC, Laptop or a Smart Phone from anywhere that you can access the Internet. You can even be running across the USA and blog along the way or be on a beach in some foreign country chilling and take a couple minutes to post text, videos or pictures that you feel inspired to post in the moment.

Every day I indulge in a what most would view as a hobby and communicate with like-minded individuals, and best of all, I get paid to do it. How do I get paid? I monetized my blog.

raining money

monitizing your blog

Monetization simply means implementing methods of making money from the content you produce on your blog. This process can occur in many ways – and can evolve over time as new features and technologies emerge to make one’s post more viral and rank higher in search engine searches and more and more companies that we do business with realize that they can bring far more traffic and business to their primary sites through legions of bloggers who are actively growing their audiences vs spending thousands or even millions on tv ads or other forms of web advertising.

What’s important is that the opportunity still exists today to jump on board the blogging bandwagon and get paid for writing about what you love.

Blogging empowers individuals with a tool that generates income and provides an outlet to communicate with and effect the rest of the world. For many people, starting a blog has completely changed how they live their lives – and for the better.


Down the side of this post you can find examples of some of the portals that produce cash for me. It’s a growing income stream that means day by day, week my week and month by month that’s less I need earn from trading my time for money and more time I reclaim to assist you in your journey and free myself to go explore more to bring back to you.


Blogging As a Business, Not a Job – What’s that mean?

best ways to predict the future

The purpose of a business is to leverage a persons time to produce a lot more income in comparison to a job where we are paid linearly by the hour or via a set salary. Even performance based wages like commission sales jobs only pay you based on how much of your time you sell and you earn nothing if take time off. Businesses – especially online businesses that have a global audience as blogging easily becomes produce income based on traffic or visits and in some cases views 24-7-365 for as long as your blog is on the Internet no matter whether you’re sleeping, running, working out, laying on a beach or hanging with the kids. It has no staff to hire or pay and can be done naked or clothed.

Think about this too…

worthless college degree

Blogging allows us to share topics and interest that they don’t even teach in college making what we share valuable as we through our life experience and what we have taken from our self education is unique and worth far more over time. Each of us is our own unique collection of lessons learned from facing challenges along the way. Each of us has a passion that we express in our own unique way that no one else has the flavor of but perhaps relates as they drink from the same fountain that wells up inside them?

When I say I am paid to blog, I don’t mean I am a paid writer.

Professional blogging to me is not about looking for freelance writing gigs, it’s about building a business, an online asset, and leveraging that asset for cash-flow now, and long-term value in the future.

Blogging doesn’t need to be a full-time occupation to produce more than a full time income.

Anyone can earn a consistent $10,000 USD to $30,000 USD per month from a blog business if they take the time to learn how to set up one properly and then become consistent over time of adding content or post that your kind of crowd would appreciate and look forward to consuming.

All I one needs to do to keep a blog working is write a post on something your audience is likely to find interesting, inspiring, controversial or useful every couple to 3 days – sometimes just once a week.

I won’t lie to you, it’s not easy to build a large following, but there is a process you can follow. You do have to post consistently and, most importantly, have the right mental fortitude and attitude to get you there.

Becoming a Blogger is as simple as using a site like this to teach and guide you through everything you could need to know to set up shop and learn a new profession over time.

More to come on this topic.

If you’d like to take the initial steps to begin learning Blogging 101 just go to the clickable images on the right side of this post (if you’re on a pc or laptop or below on a smartphone) and click on the Hostgator image and get the basic hosting package. Then come back to the “Themify” image above Hostgator and get the “Ultra” theme like this blogs as your drag and drop template to build your blog out of. 

The video inside the user area of the Themify site contains a video that will walk you through complete blog set up from A to Z. I am available for questions and guidance also. Use the Contact Me form to request contact and I’ll reach back the same day in most cases.


Erskien Lenier

LandSurfing Fruitarian Blogger

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Reclaiming Your Personal Power

A friend of mine posted the following image on FaceBook and as I pondered its message and the implications of that message I saw another view I’d like to share.
Anyone even a little bit awake realizes that the upper echelon of the money game plays by a different set of rules and laws than the rest of us.
This is also why we must disagree in regard to playing the money game only the way we’ve been indoctrinated to do so.
Meaning we’ve been trained to trade time for money and to allow others to decide how much we can have in metered and watered down amounts.
We’ve been led to believe the owners of companies are the ones who have the only ideas that are valuable enough to motivate others to exchange money for.
That we are only good enough to be workers for the smart, bold and creative few. That’s all a lie.
We can be all of that and more. We can be self employed and not even need capital, take huge risk or have traditional employees or buildings or even know how to sell or any of the crap associate with the old ideas of “owning or operating a business”.
Just as growing your own food is like printing money – meaning instead of selling so much of your life for money to buy food cut out many layers you’re paying for by growing at least some of your own if not all of you see and understand the value of doing so. You save both money and life. No one grows a garden or orchard and says it was draining. If anything it’s the opposite – satisfying and fulfilling.
….so is owning your own creativity, boldness, and having a connection to the Internet via phone or PC.
You can print your own money. But you’ve got to do it within the boundaries of what The Matrix has already deemed as legal.
That’s where Affilliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Blogging and other electronic technologies are the “Bolt Cutters for the Human Spirit” –
These types of self employment – anywhere you can get access to the Internet type business models can leverage your time to produce income in quantities that are far greater than you alone can produce by selling your time at a traditional job by offering your automatable and semi automatable systems that help others find and get or get access to information and resources they seek over the web. They can create residual or reoccurring income by offering subscriptions or memberships to your sites offering over time just like a gym membership, any other monthly bill you pay that creates residual or predictable income for the supplier of the services or products you want on glowing access to. These systems have all this built into them.
I’ve made it my business to find and make available mobile business packages that can be started for free or for pennies per day and leveraged to produce 10’s, even 100’s of thousands per month on tiny investments of cash and time with all training and support supplied.
Explore and ponder….Then Do….
Erskien Lenier

What Really Is Freedom?

Growing up we all hear and see thrown around the word “Freedom”. 

Mostly in the context of “Freedom is not Free” and that the military “fights for or to protect our freedom.”

Of course we all dream of finishing our childhood and schooling decades to finally “become free” to do whatever we want all the time.

What a pile shit all that is! 

The USA has been involved in contrived wars for over 223 yrs of it roughly 236 yrs of existence that mostly had nothing to do with anyone invading to conquer us and the Factory Farming of Human Capital – Children has been structured purely to either supply unquestioning kids to fight these false wars or to supply unquestioning body’s to occupy the production lines and accounting offices of “Stuff to made and bought” by said mindless unthinking millions. 

Nothing about the way society is setup condones any real freedom – at least based on mainstream views. Except for the fortunate few who somehow manage to be or become rich. 

Here’s the 411 on that…. Anyone can live like the rich without having anywhere near a million dollars. 


Two keys – Minimalism & Leverage

Let me break these two concepts down for you.

Minimalism is breaking the curse off of yourself that says you have to have a car, that you need a gym membership, need cable TV, need a certain size house and all the stuff you could pack into it,  that you need to eat out, need to update your clothing, the newest computer, newest phone…. 
One must reduce their attachment to stuff and instead seek to have more experiences and travel than accumulate things to guard and work for.

Reduce overhead and create automated money flow that follows you anywhere and everywhere like a faithful puppy.

Leverage – is what the rich were taught that you weren’t. 

Leverage is using time, technology, and resources to magnify and multiply the amount of work you could get done in a given amount of time and with a given amount of effort. Getting more done in less time and getting paid on those things getting done even while you play is the fruits of leverage.

J. Paul Getty once said, “I’d rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts.”

This is the wisdom that allowed them to make small amounts and sometimes even large amounts from having provided tons of others with the opportunity to earn for their own needs and ambitions instead of breaking his own back day in and day out working solo. 

The goal of all managers and business owners is to have those below him or her to leverage their time and effort to produce their desires income.

The problem with this model is all the managers and owners above you work within a business model or structure that forbids you to earn more or have more time off or flexibility of work time than they do. 

The above tradional work model is a hold over in regard to the Master – Slave from the slavery days. 

The newest evolution is something much more fair 

The above is a system whereby anyone can start a business of their own with no income ceilings, no restraints to time off or when you must work and includes the leverage Getty spoke of above. 

Using built in WordPress blogs like this one one can post about whatever passions one has and upon clicking the “Publish” icon redistribute each post to multiple social networks along with allowing Google and other Search Engines to find and index your blog and bring organic searchers to your topics where they can have a chance at explorring becoming a paid blogger also. 

Some of those visitors will be those who want to expand their incomes or replace their jobs to pursue other ambitions, they too will have the same rights and privileges to grow any sized income, take vacations at will, live anywhere or relocate at will plus can come and  go at will as they please. Blogging like this can even be automated if desired.

So there ya go… 

If you’re ready for a more fairer system that can give you the time and freedom to build a life that builds your dreams instead of you selling your dreams for a hand full of dollars and no time, run with it. 
This home business can be started for free and even down the road it can be built and sustained on a 30 cents a day investment including a blog like this one, free mobile phone app to post on the go from anywhere, free custom domain name and all the coaching and training to be a Pro right out of the gate. 

Erskien Lenier

Freedom Loving LandSurfer