How Fruitarian Ultra Runners Replenish Electrolytes

Since I run as a lifestyle my body sweats electrolytes and I replenish them from both the fruits that form my primary calorie source and an array of greens and veggies usually in the form of salads.

Most think of a salad as rabbit food with no real calories and as just making them hungry for “real food” after munching one down. That view is like having lived ones whole life in the darkness of a cave and when someone finally comes in with candle thinking they have finally seen the sun!

When I make a salad for myself I scale it up to full meal size and with satiation in mind. Satiation means satisfaction or feeling that I have been completely satisfied by the natural contents of what I ate leaving me with no further desire to eat anything else for hours.

That’s 2 large cucumbers, 14 large dark olives, a large gala apple, 5 large romaine leaves, 1 red bell pepper, 1 green bell pepper, 1 one yellow bell pepper, 1 orange bell pepper, 2 large  tomatoes, 8 small radishes and a dip of guacamole with chopped red onions, jalapenos, tomatoes.

Stay tuned… more to come…
Erskien Lenier