Reasons not to mix complex and simple carbs in diet or heat food

Humans are innate “mono meal” creatures just like all other animals in nature. Mono meals are single item foods that allow optimal digestion to happen on that single selection.

Also why giving your food a “fever” otherwise referred to as cooking compromises health.

Go RAW – Go Farther – Go Stronger – Be Leaner

Erskien Lenier
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How Fruitarian Ultra Runners Replenish Electrolytes

Since I run as a lifestyle my body sweats electrolytes and I replenish them from both the fruits that form my primary calorie source and an array of greens and veggies usually in the form of salads.

Most think of a salad as rabbit food with no real calories and as just making them hungry for “real food” after munching one down. That view is like having lived ones whole life in the darkness of a cave and when someone finally comes in with candle thinking they have finally seen the sun!

When I make a salad for myself I scale it up to full meal size and with satiation in mind. Satiation means satisfaction or feeling that I have been completely satisfied by the natural contents of what I ate leaving me with no further desire to eat anything else for hours.

That’s 2 large cucumbers, 14 large dark olives, a large gala apple, 5 large romaine leaves, 1 red bell pepper, 1 green bell pepper, 1 one yellow bell pepper, 1 orange bell pepper, 2 large  tomatoes, 8 small radishes and a dip of guacamole with chopped red onions, jalapenos, tomatoes.

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ExcitoToxins – What are they? What do they do?

In the realm of neurobiology the new, hot buzz word is Excito-Toxins…

What are they? They are additives that have been added to your grocery store foods or you are sold the idea of routinely adding them to your foods.

In the realm of neurobiology the new, hot buzz word is ExcitoToxins…


What are they? They are additives that have been added to your grocery store foods or you are sold the idea of routinely adding them to your foods.

Excito – To Excite the nerves in your sensory systems and ultimately your brain.

Toxins – Poisons that kill

The human palate is actually extremely intelligent, but from an early age is not even in utero, we begin to get programmed to overlook our innate intelligence that guides what is optimal and even acceptable human fuel.

To give you an example, if you put a just crawling toddler in a play pen with such choices as a puppy, a duckling, a rabbit, a pile of grain, a pile of greens, a pile of veggies and an assortment of sliced fruits, the child will without any help or training from its parent or any other adult figure out what it’s native optimal foods are and eat them until satiated.

Those items that our innate intelligence finds repulsive and distasteful the tongue tells the toddler to reject it or a gag reflex kicks in.

Few bother to look at this and ask how is we eventually end up gobbling down concoctions that our innate intelligence once clearly would have told us was bad or not ideal for us?

Check out this video to learn more:

So as you will have learned in the above video that unless your eating a raw Fruitarian diet your still under the influence of “excito-toxins’ and need to work towards phasing them out and more living fruits, greens and veggies to both reach satiation at each meal and purge out the toxins over time.

To gain further control over your diet, fitness and timing of meals it’s wise to consider tools that allow you to reclaim more and more of the 24 hours of each day that like naturally appropriate foods, belonged to you in the first place but you were trained or indoctrinated through schooling to try to shoehorn your spirit into the common cage called a job. This blogging system your reading and watching these educational post through is actually the kind of tool you too can use to create personal, financial and time freedom so you have all the open space and resources you could need to fully explore a “Raw Lifestyle.”

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