Stuck in Traffic

I see post on FaceBook of friends and family frustrated and angry because they are “Stuck in Traffic” – When I traverse the region I live in known as “The Inland Empire” or Corona California, I many times run past blocks of people “Stuck in Traffic” even far away from the main freeway “The 91 or the 15” on surface streets. I feel like a free animal running past others of my species that are in cages whose doors are unlocked. The real lock is just a construct of their minds.
This is my response to one such post about “Being stuck in traffic”
But remember… You are traffic! I stopped hating myself and got rid of the car and decided to just run or ride my bike where ever I want to go.
My wife and kids either walk, ride bikes, hitch rides or use Uber or Lyft.
If we need to get someplace really far or haul something big and awkward I call Enterprise Rent a Car or truck – they deliver to my house and even pick it up when I’m done.
Self driving cars will go away in the next 15-20 yrs or less. Google, Tessla, Apple and all the tradional car makers are dumping billions into making self driving autonomous cars that you can summon to your location via an app on your phone within minutes where ever you are. They aim to get the cost down to about 6 cents a mile. The average car today cost about 60.8 cents per mile when you include in gas, insurance, maintanence, support systems like tax subsidies. It won’t make sense to buy one anymore. This will uncluttered driveways, garages, parking, streets and highways. By then most people will work from home and or be self employed also. Feel the pull of the future and pursue it instead of being stuck in the past…
I save all that money already and use the difference to buy myself lots of organic fruits, greens and veggies and the best running atire available and put the rest in savings.
At 58 it also gives me reason and the means to be fitter than I was in my 20’s.
It’s a shift in thinking and requires a willingness to buck the norm and not care what naysayers might say or think. I encounter people almost daily who express envy of the way I conduct my life.
The good news is anyone can do this… And over time more and more will.
Create a better world instead of just wishing for one…
Erskien Lenier
LandSurfing by Choice

Were we really born to run?

Based on human design from the examination of our hands, tongue, teeth, jaw design, digestive tract, nutrient needs, we are all born Fruitarians. 

Our upright postural development and the development of the gluteus muscle had to be and adaption motivated by generation of us needing to run across open expanses of grasslands to get to the next fruit grove for more food. This would have also led to our development of skin based sweat glands and relative hairlessness compared to other primates. 

As the distances between groves increased over the millinia, so did the development of our legs and hips. Our need for simple to digest carbohydrates to fuel these resupply missions worked well until we began to find too little fruits. This led to trying to find other sources of calories. After realizing we couldn’t survive on the harder fiberred plant life we probably came upon another creatures abandoned kill and out of desparation ate some of it. Some would have gotten sick and even died and some would have survived. 

Over time natural forest fires would have left opportunities to come upon the burned bodies of creatures caught in the fire and upon consuming some of these and realizing the lack of dramatic illness and death within hours afterwards humans began to seek how they could carry and even make fire to sanitize a dangerous source of survival food. 

As humans came to eat more flesh and fewer easy to digest fruits our glucose levels dropped as a new normal and the body responded by reducing brain function as the brain runs exclusively on glucose. 

Our endurance dropped and we no longer found joy in the run. It became a chore or a sprint to get close enough to wild animals to throw a spear or chase it into a trap. 

This was the beginning of humanity going beyond its truest humanity.

This loss of rememberance of our optimal foods and what it feels like to run far with optimal levels of blood glucose has led to our over reliance upon mechanical substitutes for legs, lungs and hearts and even sweating. Now we shuffle from chair to chair and wonder why life is so boring? Why we age so fast? Why nothing we eat seems to satisfy us and not questioning all the hype and marketing of dead food like things or the species appropriateness of a given food? In the running domain we get sold all kinds of beliefs about how fragile and weak and defective our feet are and how we need special pills, potions and powders to run far and fast. 

We still have these innate abilities to run far, thrive on a fruit centered diet, power up the whole brain instead of mainly the small logic and fear based centers. 

The key is decide to question all that you have been told and sold and begin to peel back all that to reveal the innate truths that have been there all along and give them what they need to thrive again. 

Lose the shoes…. Get to know your soles again.  Lose the cooked broken foods that camouflage your truest appetite. Discover the satiation of filling up on raw, ripe, living, high vitality fruits, greens and veggies. 

 Power up! 

How do I fund a lifestyle that gives me to the time to run and eat real foods? 

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Erskien Lenier

Fruit Powered LandSurfer

Where do you get your protein? 

The most asked question by those who are curious about a Living Plant Based Diet.

First let’s break down a couple of myth-perceptions….

We cannot directly use any form of protein eaten. Protein molecules are too large and complex to go through a healthy intestinal wall. Protein must be broken down into its components to at least amino acids. 

That means proteins are going to require acids to chemically break them down. The same is true of fats – it takes substantial work on the body’s part to turn this complex food forms into things like glucose. 

Every cell in the human body runs on glucose. Glucose is a form of simple sugar. Our brains run almost exclusively on glucose or sugar.  

This simple sugar is so important that our brain will literally tell our body to catabolize or break down and convert muscle tissue including heart tissue into glucose to keep it powered up if we go long enough without consuming food sources it can easily utilize to fuel itself.

So consuming large protein molecules in the form of another animals flesh means the body will have to do a ton of work just to get small amounts of usable glucose to feed hungry systems. Most sources of flesh are upwards of 70% of the stored calories in a serving are in the form of saturated fats. The kind that are solid at room temperature. These fats tend to recoagulate in the blood stream and are sticky in nature this become the glue that causes blood cells to excessively clump and they can bind with glucose molecules making glucose molecules too large to fit through the microscopic pores in capillary walls that would allow glucose to leave the blood stream to be burned in the mitochondria of the cells as fuel. 

With so much glucose in the blood stream the body tends to dump insulin from the pancreas to cause the body to store the excess as a toxin loaded fatty material called cellulite. The cells and systems that are glucose hungry become further starved and massive cravings emerge. The person resorts to sugary and fatty – salty spiked processed food like concoctions and the cycle spirals into what is diagnosed as diabetes. 

Where medicine gets it wrong is declaring you’ve got a high blood sugar problem when in fat you’ve got a high fat and high protein problem and are likely defecient in many living food nutrients and the system of digestion is chronically over worked from the consumption of low water – low fiber – cooked or concocted foods or fake foods.

The solution is to transition as rapidly as possible to a raw fruit – raw vegan diet. These foods are almost self digesting, contain “living waters”, all the tiny yet essential nutrients needed to absorb and utilize the larger nutrients and to do so with effiency reducing total food intake. 

To learn more use the “Search” window on this blog to find the post on a “Fruitarian” diet.

If you need help pay in for an organicraw food diet the following link can be used to either “monetize” a current blog or if you don’t have a blog you can create one via this link 

Erskien Lenier

Raw Fruitarian LandSurfingPro


Lose The Shoes!

There is a reason our soles have more nerve endings per square inch than any other body part and it’s not for causing pain!
It’s to teach us to kiss the earth instead of pounding the pavement.
Shoes both blind and suffocate the feet. They block sole level feedback to we have no idea how we are landing the feet, where they are landing in relation to our center of gravity and how much force is being put into the ground or pavement below.
Most shoes are either made of plastic or other insulating waterlogging material and or are fully enclosed, leaving the feet to sweat and stew as if we had put plastic bags on our feet.
Never mind the splint like effect stiff and controlling insoles add to the debilitation and atrophy process.
In the words of one of my mentors in my early years of ultra running – “Lose the Shoes!”

How to Develop Truly Healthy Feet?


Type “Barefoot Running” in the Search box 👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣#barefoot #barefootrunning #running #ultrarunning #runner #runningman

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Erskien Lenier

How To Prevent Running Injuries – Hacks That Can Lead To A Lifetime Of Injury Free Running Over Longer Distances At Higher Speeds

Most think running is just a matter of putting on a pair of shoes and heading out the door. That’s a wrong as giving a 13 yr old boy the keys to your car and telling him to go for a spin. Learn more…

Most think running is just a matter of putting on a pair of shoes and heading out the door.
That’s as wrong a decision as giving a 13 yr old boy the keys to your car and telling him to go for a spin.
Learn more…
  1. Bad Running Form

    How do you know you have bad running form or movement?   See below…


Notice the tendency in wearing shoes to learn to hyperextend the whole leg out in front of one’s center of gravity, which is in the hips.

This behavior also locks out the natural suspension that creates shock absorption via the flexion of the foots arches, ankle, knee, hip and spine.

Landing on the heel over works the shin muscle which was never designed to purely keep the front of the foot from doing a “face plant” – on the pavement. Trying to keep the shins chronically tensioned is what leads to shin splints, heel spurs and broken metatarsals (the finger like bones that connect the toes to the ankles through the arch.)

How to Run Properly

What does biomechanically destructive vs biomechanically regenerative running form or movement look like?
hack image

Proper Running form happens when we realize that running is not pulling ourselves across the land or “Pole Vaulting over our Center of Gravity”, nor leaping into the air only to crash land back on the Earth causing momentum losing impacts while relying on a bit of foam in a shoe to make up for bad form.

The easiest way to understand what proper running form looks and feels like, is to simply run in place.

Go ahead right now in front of your computer… Run in place and notice what part of the foot you naturally land on when running in place…

Notice how naturally bent the knees are on alternating the landing of each foot on the floor, during loading and how all your doing muscle wise is using the foot, calf and quadriceps to store energy, then lifting with the hamstring and allowing gravity lower the foot back to the ground under ones center of gravity under the hips to shift the weight from right to left then left to right over and over again.

Notice the lack of foot, leg and and hip trauma compared to hyper extending the leg to knee lockout and landing on the heel?

To create forward momentum or as I call it “Land Surfing”  Add the next phase by adding a slight forward lean forward at the ankle level (not the waist line!) and you will suddenly have forward motion.  The torso needs to be centered upright over the pelvic bowl (pelvis when viewed from above). Think of the position of a unicyclist or a Segway standing still vs leaning slightly forward from axle level to create momentum.

The speed of the forward motion will mostly be predicated to your being fit from the ground up enough to maintain about a 180 steps per minute cadence of transferring your weight from one foot to the other directly under your center of gravity.

No pulling, no pushing, no leaping…  Just transferring weight from one side of the body to the other at a 180 step per minute cadence.

The only improvements from here will come from refining diet, hydration and proper rest.

More on those topics in a future post.

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If you’re running time is crammed into the little time you can squeeze out from your time sucking job you can change all that by adopting our Kalatu Blogging Platform to blog about your those aspects of your life that you’re passionate about.
Don’t think that your “expert enough” to blog about something? Think again… I’m 57. I spent over 23 yrs in the sport of bicycle road racing logging over 750,000 miles in the saddle. 8 yrs ago I had a Forest Gump Moment and decided I’d had enough of cycling.  Not only did I suck at running, my feet and every part of the biomechanical chain going up from there was so atrophied and even deformed that I’ve spent the time since getting off the bike redesigning my body to become a Barefoot Ultra Runner.
I’ve logged in the last 8 yrs about 50,000 on and off road miles studying my body and my feet and allowing it to teach me how to run with the least amount of impact at the ground level, the least amount of effort to create forward momentum and least loss of that momentum once in motion. All I’ve done is shared with you 50,000 miles of what I’ve learned in a blog page! I just saved you 50,000 miles of trial and error.
I would have never known I would become one of vanguard’s to light the way on how to perfect and optimize running!


Erskien Lenier