What does a raw Fruitarian have for breakfast?

First thing when I get up I have about 16 oz of purified water. I have my first meal of the day about 45 minutes to a couple of hours later. I’m rarely hungry waking up.

This morning I had a counter top of peaches that were ready to eat so I cut up about 8 large ones.

That bowl carried me about 5 hours then I had that watermelon in the top picture. Half at about 130 pm the other half about 6 pm. I might have a large salad after I get home this evening.


A lot of you think this way of fueling is expensive and it’s not actually. Especially in light of I never have cravings, get sick, I weigh what I weighed in high school – 178 lbs when completely hydrated and physically I do things I couldn’t do even in my 20’s.

Erskien Lenier

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