The Dream is Only a Dream Until…

They think that we are fully born when exit the birth canal…

In reality that is only a practice run…
In truth we are actually going from a caterpillar in a bag of water into another kind of cocoon. As our skin solidifies just like the shell of a molting insect we think we are done until death. That too is entirely incorrect.

The truth is that we still must be born into full Spiritual Maturity.

A transcendence must occur whereby our entire being becomes self aware and melts the boundaries between itself and all others human and non human.
This can also mean transcendence of the largest “White Elephant in the Living Room” (What’s dead obvious to a few of us but most stumble over it and just pick up the tv remote while downing substances and things they call foods to dull the senses and go fully escapist unconscious) –
“Monetary and Time Restriction” is the unspeakable lie the masses dance around daily.

“Birds born in a cage think those flying around outside the cage are crazy or insane”
The same can be said of our nightmares and even awake time sense of limitations.

Test what this hints at…

Go push the door….

It’s unlocked. You’ve been duped!

Jokes on them (Mass Media and the 1%)

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Erskien Lenier

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Author: Erskien Lenier

Barefoot Ultra Runner fueled by the original Human Diet - Raw Fruits - Greens - Veggies I teach Runners how to spot flaws in their running form that create injuries and cost them speed and endurance. I also teach them how to optimize their running movement. I also teach how to use your own scenic and action pictures and videos along with food selection, prep and meal images and other kinds of image to drive traffic to your own blog. I teach how to monetize a blog to turn it into a literal printing press that deposits money into your bank account while you're out living your life wherever that takes you.

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