What does a raw Fruitarian have for breakfast?

First thing when I get up I have about 16 oz of purified water. I have my first meal of the day about 45 minutes to a couple of hours later. I’m rarely hungry waking up.

This morning I had a counter top of peaches that were ready to eat so I cut up about 8 large ones.

That bowl carried me about 5 hours then I had that watermelon in the top picture. Half at about 130 pm the other half about 6 pm. I might have a large salad after I get home this evening.


A lot of you think this way of fueling is expensive and it’s not actually. Especially in light of I never have cravings, get sick, I weigh what I weighed in high school – 178 lbs when completely hydrated and physically I do things I couldn’t do even in my 20’s.

Erskien Lenier

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Author: Erskien Lenier

Barefoot Ultra Runner fueled by the original Human Diet - Raw Fruits - Greens - Veggies I teach Runners how to spot flaws in their running form that create injuries and cost them speed and endurance. I also teach them how to optimize their running movement. I also teach how to use your own scenic and action pictures and videos along with food selection, prep and meal images and other kinds of image to drive traffic to your own blog. I teach how to monetize a blog to turn it into a literal printing press that deposits money into your bank account while you're out living your life wherever that takes you.

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