Glyphosate Pathways to Modern Diseases: Celiac, B12 Deficiency, Gluten Intolerance

What the government and Bayer – Monsanto has known all along about about the horrific effects of glyphosate or Round Up!

This post is to unpack an abstract from a government website they hope the masses never notice and won’t read.

I found the information laid out on this government site incredibly incriminating of our government and one of its major owners: Bayer – Monsanto.

It outlines very specific known damaging effects glyphosate is scientifically proven to do to our bodies and many other animals and plants.

My hope is that you will take this deep dive and come out much more lucidly equipped to deal with companies and governments that see it as ok to do what your about to realize to us.

How to get the most out of the page presented at the bottom of this post:

In most browsers you can highlight a word or group of words then right click if your on a laptop or desktop or with most Smart Phones press the word or first word of set of words you want to look up the meaning to and a submenu will appear with a clickable category to have your browser go out on the web and look for that topic and or its meaning.

This will open up new tabs or in some browsers tiny windows on top of what you’ve highlighted to the meaning of what you want a deeper understanding of the meaning of.

In this abstract, you may come upon words pointing towards biological processes, biochemical combinations of substances your body has manufactured out of what you’ve eaten, drank, inhaled, absorbed through your skin, and even been injected into your body.

The article will reference genetic connections, medical terminology and conditions, and many other terms hidden from most of the population in ordinary education on how to live a responsible and awakened life of your own choosing

I feel its important for every human to have the opportunity presented to them to understand as clearly as possible just what kind of war against our own lives we live in and give practical strategies and pathways to both fight back and find refuge out of it.

Technology was originally to aid us in getting more done, more efficiently than our physical bodies alone are equipped for.

In this season of humanity it’s been hijacked to exploit humans for dark motives like greed and manipulating populations viability to respond from vitality against those who claim to be looking after our best interest yet know that their offerings are doing us harm and even killing vast amounts of us.

The page you’re about to open will be lengthy and your temptation will be to close out of the abstract.

Understand that this feeling is a side effect of the assault upon your life! A kind of a biochemical PTSD like reaction those behind what this abstract exposes want and expect you to do.

They want you to give up.

They want you to not fully realize what they are doing to you.

They want you to be a good little Factory Farmed Human so they can go on exploiting you until you die and they feel they’ve extracted all that was useful to them out of you: money they can further invest in even more potent technologies to do even more damage and carnage to your children and any others who survive your lifespan.

Instead, I recommend that you get someplace quiet with perhaps your favorite cup of warm beverage. Mine is Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger tea with half of an organic lemon squeezed and soaked in it.

As you explore the meaning of words and phrases you don’t feel you have enough or any understanding of, take reflective breaks to allow your mind and heart to chew and digest what you’ve just realized or expanded into.

Feasting upon the realizations this read will undoubtedly trigger will grow your mind to embrace more of the larger picture your soul has been trying to bring you to all along.

Patterns will emerge.

New visions will be born.

New under and inner standings will flash within as “Mind Pictures”.

You will get mad… Pissed off!

Remember this: Consciousness is the Beginning of Healing.

Never look away, distract your focus or seek to numb out when your soul brings you to expanded views of what it wants you to realize “See with your Real Eyes”

Your realization of the criminal energy behind much of the commerce and politics of our times will become much more self evident and with that, your power to perceive better ways to cope with it will emerge also.

Within this blog, in other post and pages you will find insights to how to undo the damages done to your “Space Suit for Doing Live On Earth” – Your body. How to pull back a ton of this pathological system of things stolen energy you’ve been conned into giving it and make it really hard to impossible for it to ever be able to exploit and disempower you ever again.

Votre Santé. – To Your Health

Let’s go….

Click here:

Erskien Lenier

Bringer of Light and Self Determination

Mastery of Money

Everyone wants more money or more accurately access to what’s behind the doors money unlocks like a home, transportation, food, education, connectivity, injury care, recreational spaces and activities, social events, art, music and theatre.

The thing is no one really wants to sell their own life-force doing things that leave one with perhaps “stuff” but no or little “LIFE!”

No one want wants to feel as if they are in a Slave vs Master relationship just to earn a living!

We all want quality connection with others and to feel good about having time alone as we see and feel is needed for each of our own temperaments or personalities.

Every one of us came into this world with nothing… And will leave this world with exactly the same nothing. So why hustle, climb all over others, make our hearts deadened, and create a world of the majority living in lack when it’s entirely feasible for everyone to have a life of dignity and abundance?

In the Internet Age, it’s totally possible to set up online systems or partner with with companies that offer online systems that can give you the same leverage the owner of the company you now or have worked for in the past, used to create their “More Than Enough” income!

The system in which we live in is designed to “Go Big” in if one knows it’s secretes and applies them.

My focus with this offering is to appeal to those not driven by greed and power over others, but by the desire to have both the option to work solo from anywhere, even on the go as in Adventure Travel and with others remotely or in person as desired with the option to have others fill in for you as desired.

If we are not setting ourselves up to help others this madness will never end. Do the opposite of what the greedy and psychopathic do!

Work smarter instead of chronically harder, we can leverage our time and productivity to create ever growing incomes that make our daily and monthly needs a completely “None Issue” stress wise. Leaving room… finally!

For us to reclaim and rebuild what has been stolen from us: Fitness, sanity, quality of connections with those we love and resonate with, quiet spaces to reflect and sort out who and what we are and what we want our lives to contribute to the world as we are finally able to travel the inspired roads and trails of life.

It doesnt take giant mansions, flashy cars, draping our bodies with expensive clothes while our bodies underneath continue to rot and decay from the stress of corruption of ones own spirit to get such nonsense.

Minimalism is actually a far more satisfying way of life that supplies one with all they actually need to make a just enough sized living space a home where ever that rest, rolls, hikes or runs too.

The less stuff we have the less that stuff has us! Collect memories and adventures instead. That’s all we get to have with us when we leave this place.

Think of all the good you could do if you have double, triple or some other multiplication of your current income per month!

Let’s reverse the mess we’ve been born into enough for the next generation to be able and in a position to overhaul the local, regional, State, National and even International Systems so they finally serve all of humanity and protect our mother: Planet Earth – Spaceship Earth – And we are all Crew! It’s time to start operating that way.

The following video is a training video about how the compensation plan works for Uforia Science – The DNA Analysis and DNA Based Supplement company I’ve posted about all over this blog.

The amount of information is a lot of details but hang in there until you get to roughly 28 minutes into it where they start to give you glimpses of what kind of money you could be making from home or any where in a matter of a few months or sooner depending on your coachability and willingness to absorb the information you will have in the palm of your hand if you opt to become a Utritionist as I have. (Uforia Science App on your phone. An entire office and education resource is included!)

Explore, Be Inspired and Let me Know if this Speaks to you.

Erskien Lenier

A Free Man – Setting Others Free

INFP Know Thyself!

None of us grow up being formally taught who and what we actually are as unique spirits trying to walk out a human life.

I was introduced to a method of stripping away all the baggage that gets overlayed over our original indigenous – authentic personalities as it exist right now under a lifetime of garbage acquired along the way to right this moment.

If you come from or have been exposed a multi kid family you already see that every one seems to perceive, express and cope differently based on some kind of innate or born with inner software or more accurately unique genetic tendency to be their own truly unique self.

Along the path to breaking a childs original and unique spirit, our supposed civilization tries to reprogram, suppress, beat, threaten, guilt, shame, punish out of us our original creative, question everything, laugh for no reason, live in the moment, love every one spirit.

I’ve got news for you…. That original YOU is not gone! Was not destroyed! Was never Colonized or Tamed! It’s just been covered over by piles of other peoples “Dirty Laundry” dumped on your unique and cozy bed!

Many years ago I intentionally began a quest to “decolonize” myself as I realized I did not fit what anyone expected of me and had no innate volition to even seek to comply or find emotional energy in the idea of such.

This told me that even though I’d fought to not swallow any of the BS society and those that influenced my upbringing in suppressive, non-empathic ways, I realized something had gotten in me and all over me that I couldn’t see in the mirror on the wall or even self reflectively.

I took what I thought were deep dives into many self development programs and forms of self exploration and analysis. I did manage to identify a lot of dysfunctional shadow like programs, beliefs, memories and triggered events that I was fortunate to also get to defuse or disable using various techniques.

All the above was very healing but it left me still unable to clearly see just what and who I am as personage….

Then a hand full of years ago I was exposed to a kind of online testing called a Meyers – Briggs Type Indicator test.

What I found really fascinating was its premise that the type of questions it would ask me to answer were on purpose designed to peel way or bypass all my biases and any remnants of “baggage” that might “color my views” about myself and present me with a very accurate and detailed description of myself as it I was able to extract out of my body my own spirit without this lifetimes scars and look at it as it has always been. Pure, pristine, unique, creative, empathic, perceptive, silent, visionary, and filled with love and very deep feelings.

My aim with this page is to help you come to love and appreciate the REAL YOU as deeply as you have deserved all your life.

Once you truly know the real you deeply, no one can use any belief, behavior, history, or any other projection against you because you will in your soul know the feeling of what they are doing is not about you and is just a distractive projection for them.

Once we know our own unique beauty and inner super powers, it’s also natural to feel appropriate and easy to set up proper boundaries that keep out those who bring vibe lowering projections your way and for us to “Level Up” and bring, invite and support those who are truly a complement or match to what and who we are as Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience.

One more caveat before I send you to the sites below: Once you open each of the sites below find the area near or at the top of the front page to create your own User Name and Password so the site will save not just the results of your test for future referencing but how it arrived at your results.

Everyone will be amazed at what they learn about themselves in this first exposure and experience however I promise you that the information your realize or see with your “Real Eyez” or Inner Eye – hint hint – Spirit is over time going to automatically in the background of your daily life continue to “Decolonize Your Mind” and you’ll come back and look, reread your results in the months and years ahead and watch holographically alive new information jump out of the exact same information you will look at today and wonder “How is this possible?”

Think of a budding rose…. Only the innate intelligence at the center of that rose knows which petal should open in which sequence and over what period of time, and which rain storms and which sunny days to make it it’s own unique perfect rose amongst a rose bush or even garden of perfect roses.

Think of what you’re about to learn as that “Innate Intelligence” that’s been guiding your unfoldment since perhaps before you were conceived… and will be with you one day when you transition from being done with being a human rose!

OK, now go exploring… and one more thing… These test are free. The sites will offer you the opportunity either before or after you take them to invest about $20 to get an even deeper dive or more elaborate break out of your personality type test. I initially got the free version but being the ever curious spirit that I am, I did come back and get the upgraded version (which is another reason you want the sites to save your initial results so you don’t have take the test again so the system can generate your super deep dive version – and it will save those results too!

OK, again go have fun and do come back and use the Contact Me box on this blog to share your outcome. We INFP’s treasure getting to know “The Real You” as much you will.

Authenticity and Indigeneity is where healthy and respectful friendships grow.

One more useful tip: Once you’ve taken the test and its given you your “Type” as a 4 letter acronym like mine which is INFP, take your’s and # tag it EX: #INFP and search all your social networks for it. Also use the search windows of each social network and just search without the # tag. It was in doing this that I began to realize that even though only about 2% of the males that have ever taken these test show up as INFP’s that I was not the only one! That there were lots of others all over this beautiful planet that had the same or similar preferences, values, communication style, creative expressions, perceptual abilities and all the other uniquely beautiful and amazing qualities my personality type naturally is. I found this very helpful in solidifying my desire to let go of all that was not apart of my original – indigenous personality. Super Healing!

Here’s a link for test:

Here is a link to my outcome as an INFP:

Here’s another of my favorite test sites:

And my INFP profile according to them:

Erskien Lenier

INFP Barefoot Land Surfing Professional

DNA Testing – How To Get The Most Accurate Results

DNA Testing – How To Get The Most Accurate Results

What To Know Before You Submit A Swab via A DNA Test Kit – Insuring The Greatest Accuracy Of Your Results:

If you’re buying a DNA test kit from UFORIA to learn more about your unique nutritional profile, or you’re taking a DNA test for any other reason like for supporting your bodies ability to regenerate prematurely aged DNA telomeres:

Think of the little plastic tips at the end of shoe laces. When they come off the lace unravels and eventually the laces become useless. In this case the DNA can no longer support cell duplication, replacement and or regeneration or upgrading of the cell or tissue based on the bodies need to adapt to something.

There are a few things you should know about before you take your cheek swab and send it in for testing.

If you take an improper sample, your genetic information could be contaminated, leading to inaccurate results.

So, what should you know before you take a DNA test kit?

Here are a few insights towards getting an accurate result.

Floss and Brush Your Teeth with a Non Fluoride laced Dental Floss and Toothpaste 30 Minutes Before Using The DNA Test Kit 

Flossing and brushing will remove foreign DNA from foods and other persons if you’ve had mouth contact with someone recently and excessive bacteria that might be feeding on pockets of food stuck between the teeth or just below the gum line which could affect the results of your test, and make the DNA test unreadable.

This allows you to eliminate anything that may contaminate your DNA test kit.

And by waiting for 30 minutes after brushing and flossing, you will allow enough saliva to have been circulated around the mou that there isn’t any the mount to insure that any toothpaste remaining in in the spaces between your teeth and the pores of the taste buds has been flushed out, that your saliva pH balance has settled back to it’s natural slightly alkaline balance. These factors set the stage for an error free swab mix of the cells of the lining of your mouth as the kits instructions will guide you to collect. Packaging for shipment and the stability of the sample all the way to the lab for analysis.

So…. Avoid eating, drinking, smoking, and chewing leading up to the Test

Naturally, you should avoid doing things like eating, smoking, and chewing gum or tobacco for at least 30 minutes after your brush your teeth, and before you provide your saliva sample.

You shouldn’t even tap or bottled drink water, to avoid adding chlorine, fluoride, fungicides and who knows what else they put in public water supplies these days!

Pack And Seal Your DNA Test Kit As Instructions Included Indicate To Protect It During Transit.

Follow These Tips – And Maximize The Accuracy Of Your DNA Test!

By avoiding oral contaminants and packaging your DNA test kit properly, you can make sure that you always get an accurate reading after submission of your DNA sample.

The following video gives you a glimpse of the multimillion dollar machine Uforia designed and built just to be able to create your own unique formulation based on your DNA an also a glimpse of some of the unique plant extracts used to support your bodies deepest abilities to regenerate.

The Utritionator
The Power of PreTrition

Ready to get started?

Check out Uforia now, and see how personalized DNA testing can help you maximize your health, optimize DNA repair and get the right and unique amount of supplement contents based on your own genetic recipe as decoded in the analysis.

Getting started is quick and easy, so give it a try today – and follow this guide for the best results.

DNA Test Kit

Rating: 5 based on 5 reviews

Reviewed by: Tina Malsom

Date Reviewed: 04/17/2019

The Uforia DNA Test Kit offers you a detailed report along with customized nutrition suggestions based specifically on the results from your DNA Test Kit. Just imagine being able to know exactly what your body needs to be strong, vibrant and healthy and put your body is a position to live longer.

No other DNA Testing company offers you the specific, customized nutrition like Uforia does. Uforia is highly recommended.