DNA Testing – How To Get The Most Accurate Results

DNA Testing – How To Get The Most Accurate Results

What To Know Before You Submit A Swab via A DNA Test Kit – Insuring The Greatest Accuracy Of Your Results:

If you’re buying a DNA test kit from UFORIA to learn more about your unique nutritional profile, or you’re taking a DNA test for any other reason like for supporting your bodies ability to regenerate prematurely aged DNA telomeres:

Think of the little plastic tips at the end of shoe laces. When they come off the lace unravels and eventually the laces become useless. In this case the DNA can no longer support cell duplication, replacement and or regeneration or upgrading of the cell or tissue based on the bodies need to adapt to something.

There are a few things you should know about before you take your cheek swab and send it in for testing.

If you take an improper sample, your genetic information could be contaminated, leading to inaccurate results.

So, what should you know before you take a DNA test kit?

Here are a few insights towards getting an accurate result.

Floss and Brush Your Teeth with a Non Fluoride laced Dental Floss and Toothpaste 30 Minutes Before Using The DNA Test Kit 

Flossing and brushing will remove foreign DNA from foods and other persons if you’ve had mouth contact with someone recently and excessive bacteria that might be feeding on pockets of food stuck between the teeth or just below the gum line which could affect the results of your test, and make the DNA test unreadable.

This allows you to eliminate anything that may contaminate your DNA test kit.

And by waiting for 30 minutes after brushing and flossing, you will allow enough saliva to have been circulated around the mou that there isn’t any the mount to insure that any toothpaste remaining in in the spaces between your teeth and the pores of the taste buds has been flushed out, that your saliva pH balance has settled back to it’s natural slightly alkaline balance. These factors set the stage for an error free swab mix of the cells of the lining of your mouth as the kits instructions will guide you to collect. Packaging for shipment and the stability of the sample all the way to the lab for analysis.

So…. Avoid eating, drinking, smoking, and chewing leading up to the Test

Naturally, you should avoid doing things like eating, smoking, and chewing gum or tobacco for at least 30 minutes after your brush your teeth, and before you provide your saliva sample.

You shouldn’t even tap or bottled drink water, to avoid adding chlorine, fluoride, fungicides and who knows what else they put in public water supplies these days!

Pack And Seal Your DNA Test Kit As Instructions Included Indicate To Protect It During Transit.

Follow These Tips – And Maximize The Accuracy Of Your DNA Test!

By avoiding oral contaminants and packaging your DNA test kit properly, you can make sure that you always get an accurate reading after submission of your DNA sample.

The following video gives you a glimpse of the multimillion dollar machine Uforia designed and built just to be able to create your own unique formulation based on your DNA an also a glimpse of some of the unique plant extracts used to support your bodies deepest abilities to regenerate.

The Utritionator
The Power of PreTrition

Ready to get started?

Check out Uforia now, and see how personalized DNA testing can help you maximize your health, optimize DNA repair and get the right and unique amount of supplement contents based on your own genetic recipe as decoded in the analysis.

Getting started is quick and easy, so give it a try today – and follow this guide for the best results.

DNA Test Kit

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The Uforia DNA Test Kit offers you a detailed report along with customized nutrition suggestions based specifically on the results from your DNA Test Kit. Just imagine being able to know exactly what your body needs to be strong, vibrant and healthy and put your body is a position to live longer.

No other DNA Testing company offers you the specific, customized nutrition like Uforia does. Uforia is highly recommended.

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