Glyphosate Pathways to Modern Diseases: Celiac, B12 Deficiency, Gluten Intolerance

This post is to unpack an abstract from a government website they hope the masses never notice and won’t read.

I found the information laid out on this government site incredibly incriminating of our government and one of its major owners: Bayer – Monsanto.

It outlines very specific known damaging effects glyphosate is scientifically proven to do to our bodies and many other animals and plants.

My hope is that you will take this deep dive and come out much more lucidly equipped to deal with companies and governments that see it as ok to do what your about to realize to us.

How to get the most out of the page presented at the bottom of this post:

In most browsers you can highlight a word or group of words then right click if your on a laptop or desktop or with most Smart Phones press the word or first word of set of words you want to look up the meaning to and a submenu will appear with a clickable category to have your browser go out on the web and look for that topic and or its meaning.

This will open up new tabs or in some browsers tiny windows on top of what you’ve highlighted to the meaning of what you want a deeper understanding of the meaning of.

In this abstract, you may come upon words pointing towards biological processes, biochemical combinations of substances your body has manufactured out of what you’ve eaten, drank, inhaled, absorbed through your skin, and even been injected into your body.

The article will reference genetic connections, medical terminology and conditions, and many other terms hidden from most of the population in ordinary education on how to live a responsible and awakened life of your own choosing

I feel its important for every human to have the opportunity presented to them to understand as clearly as possible just what kind of war against our own lives we live in and give practical strategies and pathways to both fight back and find refuge out of it.

Technology was originally to aid us in getting more done, more efficiently than our physical bodies alone are equipped for.

In this season of humanity it’s been hijacked to exploit humans for dark motives like greed and manipulating populations viability to respond from vitality against those who claim to be looking after our best interest yet know that their offerings are doing us harm and even killing vast amounts of us.

The page you’re about to open will be lengthy and your temptation will be to close out of the abstract.

Understand that this feeling is a side effect of the assault upon your life! A kind of a biochemical PTSD like reaction those behind what this abstract exposes want and expect you to do.

They want you to give up.

They want you to not fully realize what they are doing to you.

They want you to be a good little Factory Farmed Human so they can go on exploiting you until you die and they feel they’ve extracted all that was useful to them out of you: money they can further invest in even more potent technologies to do even more damage and carnage to your children and any others who survive your lifespan.

Instead, I recommend that you get someplace quiet with perhaps your favorite cup of warm beverage. Mine is Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger tea with half of an organic lemon squeezed and soaked in it.

As you explore the meaning of words and phrases you don’t feel you have enough or any understanding of, take reflective breaks to allow your mind and heart to chew and digest what you’ve just realized or expanded into.

Feasting upon the realizations this read will undoubtedly trigger will grow your mind to embrace more of the larger picture your soul has been trying to bring you to all along.

Patterns will emerge.

New visions will be born.

New under and inner standings will flash within as “Mind Pictures”.

You will get mad… Pissed off!

Remember this: Consciousness is the Beginning of Healing.

Never look away, distract your focus or seek to numb out when your soul brings you to expanded views of what it wants you to realize “See with your Real Eyes”

Your realization of the criminal energy behind much of the commerce and politics of our times will become much more self evident and with that, your power to perceive better ways to cope with it will emerge also.

Within this blog, in other post and pages you will find insights to how to undo the damages done to your “Space Suit for Doing Live On Earth” – Your body. How to pull back a ton of this pathological system of things stolen energy you’ve been conned into giving it and make it really hard to impossible for it to ever be able to exploit and disempower you ever again.

Votre Santé. – To Your Health

Let’s go….

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Erskien Lenier

Bringer of Light and Self Determination