Why and How did Erskien become a Barefoot Runner?

Endurance – The Ticket to Flow States!

What I am is someone whose realized in my teen years that we are nature and nature is pretty much perfect in its desire to equip us with everything we need to live an integral and robust life.

This means that encoded in every strand of DNA in our bodies is the instructions that remind “The Force” that is who we really are how to behave. How to not only regenerate but to generate tissues and structures that are better than what has existed before. Some would call this evolution. I call it Creation. We are the creators of our realities including our bodies and all the challenges it may seem to not enjoy. Owning this fact gives us the power to pull forces of intelligence, bravery, and fortitude to overcome far more than we’ve been told we are capable of.

The 860,000 human powered miles I’ve “Land Surfed” so far, have been a wonderful laboratory to self reflect upon what the human DNA contains and what the beyond human spirit can do.

My quite ordinary body and mind have been destroyed millions of times only to come back more refined and capable than it was before each adventure through a living death. To some, I appear Super Human in what I can do. There are elements to each of us that are actually Super Human. In taking this journey deeper into my experiences with myself and those I’ve helped along the way, my objective with you as with everyone I’ve ever worked with is and will be to show you your own Super Powers. Not to glorify mine. Mine are for me. One of my Super Powers is that I’m a great reflector of others powers they have forgotten or even never realized they have. So what I write here will serve as a reminder to remember what you have forgotten or was buried by your emersion into this lifetime of trying to be a good human.

We are all just here to walk or run each other back home….


Based on the understanding that language is the fundamental building block of our entire reality, Quantum Languaging is a new communication paradigm that extends beyond words’ simple dictionary definitions, and takes into account their energetic frequencies that invisibly connect all of us all the time whether we understand them or not intellectually, and the effects those frequencies have on the person I am addressing. Speaking to what lives in both of us innately or indigenously allows instant and deep understanding of what seems like complex topic when speaking to only surface level intellect.

This difference vastly accelerates ones ability to correctly and holistically understand and “innerstand” similar to having experience it for themselves – in regard to rapid learning for the purpose of fully owning a challenge.

Quantum Flow State

Quantum Flow State is mind, body and spirit dance in oneness.

As toddlers, we first learn to walk then to run, once we mastered standing and walking, almost like magic, we leaned forwards and as we fell in that direction, a foot left the ground and came back down to the ground almost directly under our hip joints based on our entire bodies direction of fall. As our body, mind and spirit synthesis detected momentum that went beyond a single step, the second foot automatically left from the ground to do what the other had just done. As this pattern continued we literally fell into a creative leaning from the ankles fall while being saved from the potential face plant by each now automatic foot landing catching us and serving as a balancing point for all of our forward moving mass to “flow” over our “center of mass” (the pelvis or hip joints) to become like water flowing across the land. This process is what I call “Land Surfing”

Just as the surfer on water has to use his or her body in a very specific pattern using flexed joints, springy muscles, balance centered in the hips or pelvis, to create both momentum and flow so it is for us Land Surfers. The activities look somewhat different but the energies and biomechanics at play over lap.

Our original Innate – Indigenous running form comes out of the same intelligence that is in charge of the trillions of chemical transactions that have been going on every minute since your conception to this moment without any real conscious thought on your part. Your ability to focus your eyes, distinguish sounds, balance in your chair without falling over out of it onto your ear, digesting the food in your stomach, breathing, maintaining your blood pressure, keeping track of the salinity of your entire inner water world. This intelligence is the real you.

When we allow the acquired mind (The Ego) to try to reorganize such complex systems, we always experience a biological, biomechanical, psychological, train wreck of experience.

What I can do for you is to decolonize or reindigonize any areas of your running biomechanics so the symptoms of deviation from what is ideal go away and require no traditional methods of interference to mute the symptoms ever again. (Unless you want that experience back! Which I don’t think you will want and if you did, you would have the insights to self correct – realign with your Truest Self for instant course corrections.

Original Barefoot Running Form vs Shoe – Blind Sole Adapted Running Form

As little children we were graceful, very low impact foot landings, our sense of balance was perfectly centered, breathing without effort whatever quantities of air in and carbon dioxide out was appropriate for the effort.

We used our entire body from the ankles of up as a forward deadfall of which we caught our falling forward motion with an almost bicycle pedal stroke kind of use of of our feet, legs and hips only without folding at the hips one does bent over a drop handlebar equipped bicycle.

We used gravity for propulsion and stored the landing momentum of our entire body mass in the automatic and perfectly tensioned ligaments and muscles in charge of making each step flow like water and wasting as little energy as possible – actually recycling energy like a wheel in motion that wants to stay in motion – Newtons Third Law

This beginning of foot deformation from wearing shoes not shaped like natural feet

The above image speaks lightly of the effects of modern day shoes upon human feet that haven’t fully calcified until roughly 18 yrs of age. Imagine binding your hands to where your finger bones wear curled under bone by bone from the first joint at the palm to their tips. And the only position they could exist in is bunched together. You can’t even find the brain impulse to spread them apart! And your wrist only has about 2-4 degrees of range of motion because the wrist ligaments are so rigid. Oh and you can’t curl your fingers or your thumb to grasp anything! Your feet used to have all the same capabilities as your hands! They were meant to be that way.

Growing up without shoes in a natural environment, humans naturally land on the balls of the foot when running activating the shin muscles to pull all the toes skywards to make the ball of the foot about as firm as tennis ball to soften the foots landing and prepare the flexed arch, achilles, calf, knee, quadriceps on up the biomechanics chain for sensing millisecond level responsiveness at the ground contact area for exactly how to create stability for the entire body from the ground up. That’s what spread, springy, feeling everything toes and metatarsals or mid soles do in a healthy context.

Each foot perspires about a pint of sweat a day naturally. Instead of allowing that to naturally evaporate into the air as we walk, run, climb, we put our feet in practically plastic bags called shoes and socks (few are even made of organic materials anymore!) and then go get fungicide powders and sprays to control the rotting skin – fungus – mold that naturally is produced with a lack of sunlight and ventilation. Would you wear the same underwear or under garments for months and years on end if you. knew your body was sweating pints of urine (that’s what sweat is you know! and if your eating a meat based diet your leaking other animals urine through your skin also in the form of uric acid! That’s where that ammonia smell comes from if you don’t wash your cloths almost daily) (BTW: That doesn’t happen on primarily raw fruit centered diet)

Looking at the consequences of long term wearing of shoes, of which almost 100% of shoe wearing humanity including foot, knee, hip and spinal doctors have almost zero consciousness about we begin to see why so many people are having spinal fusions, artificial disc replacements, knee and hip replacements.

Millions are so damaged by all this, they end up requiring external metal walkers if they can still shuffle along for a few feet or so or 3 to 4 wheeled electric chairs – scooters!

Every time I see someone heel striking, limping due to chronic foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain I have to tell my mind to calm itself down at my knowing that those who profit from this victimization of the public would like to burn me at the stake for speaking out about this pervasive crime against humanity.

Back to Dysfunctional Biomechanics 101:

In landing on ones heels, all of ones forward momentum (which is not just ones body weight, but ones body weight multiplied by the speed of ones forwards momentum) is slammed into the delicate joint materials of the ankle, knee and hip – smashing the joint coatings with every step.

This is why most children who have had their feet in shoes for more than a few months begins to hound their parents towards buying them something with wheels!

Running and walking feels awful as the loss of sensory feedback through their soles and the surface of their foots skin has driven them to resort to modifying what sustainably and comfortably worked is modified to become the awkward gait patterns of the unconsciously dysfunctional adults and most kids on down to their age around them.

They desperately want mobility without pain and a ridiculous amount of effort. Remember heel striking = braking + loss of momentum + the need to reaccelerate on every single step!

It also results in the stiff legged shoving of ones entire body mass into the sky with each heel landing and the momentum of the torso acting like the pole vaulter holding onto the top of the pole as “The Heel” which is the equivalent to the bottom end of the pole daughters pole is planted in “the Pit” carrying him or her up and over the bar however high it is set to.

So instead of all of ones energy and momentum producing forward flow, most of it’s being used to do a pogo stick like activity that brings the entire bodies forward momentum to a pogo stick like slow down with each step as the entire body mass is launched into the sky in an attempt to regain lost momentum. Ask any high level runner whose grown up in commercial running shoes and has no barefoot experience how it feels to have all the supposed best technology money can buy but to be routinely dropped at between 12 and 17 miles into a 26.2 mile marathon including African runners who grew up running without shoes what caused their loss of ability to stay with the front runners? They will scratch their heads and scrub their shoulders or give you some BS story about not enough or too much of something they did wrong or “they are African!”

I share all the above because I meet and hear from so many that have abandoned their original love of running as a natural form of life play that keeps us fit and exuding a meditative like calm or peace both during and afterwards for hours on end.

If any of the above resonates with you, I’d like to extend to you an invite to my private Facebook group I have just launched where I’ll be posting more useful insights towards solving the challenges you face and fielding any questions.

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Erskien Lenier