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I had typed out here a growing in length Bio but like a true INFP Barefoot Ultra Distance Adventure Runner that I am, I just erased it all and will simply offer you this:

This blog is primarily aimed at being place that offers insights geared towards showing you what super powers you have and can can take ownership towards the objective of Living a Super Human Life where wealth is measured in Rich Experiences and Real Behind the Scenes Income.

True Freedom is the perceptual and practical ability to live and eventually to die by choice.

  • How to master the money game. No really! How to move beyond selling your precious life force for hopefully enough cash or digital 1’s and 0’s in a computer network to pay the bills and have the month and the money overlap. I mean not just enough money, but enough to contribute to others in need and causes that touch your heart with no concern that giving will put you in a bad spot yourself without any need to have it paid back. Also how to turn income production into a background event in your life instead of more than full time – time thief leaving you at the end of the day and the end of your life feeling wasted and like your very essence had been vampires away.
  • How to master fitness in ways that makes it fun and a constant adventure into both bodily and spiritual inner realms where they both overlap and feed each other in ways no fitness trainer or coach has ever pointed out to before. Not only learn the proper biomechanics of a given bodily movement but how it serves the human spirit as feedback loop and a really unique relationship – again completely overlooked in modern Fitness and Sports Training.
  • Fueling or Nutrition not just in proteins, fats, carbs, types of fiber, and minerals but based on each individuals own unique DNA as inherited from their parents and ancestors. Yes, we now have the ability to decode our DNA to discover what food menu and recipes are encoded into our own human meat suits! Also we can identify where our diets are not delivering what highly individualized segments of our genes require to do their share of the work they were born to contribute and both the consequences in health deterioration this sets in motion in specific systems and exactly what foods and or food extracts and how much is need for your unique “recipe” to live fully powered up the rest of your lifespan instead of the normal declines most are used to seeing and experiencing by the time they are into their 30’s or 40’s and accelerating downhill towards eventual death. What if you could keep, restore or gain a strong level of vitality that might be normal for a 20 yr old until the day it was time for this life to end out there perhaps further than is normal compared to today? Yup, we’re going there….
  • I’m going to take you into your own self – your personality, in ways you probably have never known was available to you before also. You’re going to discover how amazingly beautiful you are from the inside out. I’m going to show you how to peel off what the world has overlayed upon that original light you came into this lifetime to shine outwards and that was to illuminate your inner realms in ways you’ve probably been afraid of before only through this blog you’re going to realize the fear was all a hoax and what’s really inside you is pure magic, beauty, passion, power, perception and purpose. Once you learn all about this area no one will ever be able to limit y0u again!

I’ve been a high level endurance athlete most of my life.

I’ve bicycle road raced, trained, toured and run over 860,000 miles so far driven by my love of Land Surfing.

As you go through these pages and post I think you’ll begin to get a feel for who and what I am. My hope is that all this will inspire you to get to know you more deeply and create a lifestyle whereby we can meet up somewhere and share notes, enjoy a healthy meal, watch a sunset or rise, grow a friendship?

Well… Here we go… Off into Realms the Common Man and Women don’t even know exist…


Erskien Lenier

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