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Read a Brief Introduction About Me

As the founder of LandSurfingPro, I have always had a passion for and been drawn to human-powered locomotion and everything that needs to factored in towards making endurance or power as natural as breathing for enjoying doing epic rides that can traverse any terrain be it up mountains, switchback filled descents, all day long capacity to spin almost effortlessly across wind strewn prairies, hot deserts, along sea breeze cooling ocean fronts.

I've used the 911,000 human powered miles I've logged so far as my laboratory to deeply study how the bodies own innate intelligence works from its own point of view not some academic dissection kind of dead point of view or commercial profit - exploitation to modify for commercial gain type agenda.

I noticed how it copes and seeks to "Over Adapt" to stress loads.

What are the bodies innate intelligences unique natural needs in regard to being able to constantly over adapt or deep level regenerate cells and systems towards improved functionality and healing from any damage and holding off the so called aging process?

What all the modern methods and tactics of motivating a body to adapt are actually doing and whether or not there are negative consequences to those approaches?

You'll find that because of the way my mind is wired my perspectives on everything I publish here will provide you with insights refreshingly different than any other source you have explored before.

I encourage you to consider what I share here deeply and to apply what intrigues you and see if you find the same or similar results yourself.

If you run into a feeling of needing assistance along the way feel free to use the "Contact Me" form or my mobile if you have my number to seek more insight into how to more deeply "innerstand" or overcome a given challenge or stuck point.

I'm working on installing a Zoom or FaceTime Conference Call Scheduling system to this site also. All subscribers will be notified of when that goes live and any new post or other updates as they happen.

Unlocking Your Innate Potential

At LandSurfingPro, my mission is to help you unlock your own innate potential.

I've gone deep enough into Sports Performance, triggering ever deeper levels of systemic regeneration, and deftly identifying the influences in ones life that erode healthy expression of ones "Life Force.

Everyone has the power to become super-fit, to restore what has been stolen from them along the road of Life.

I offer tons of free insights and advice via this site and many Social Media Portals - Listed at the bottom of this page, One on One Coaching Services, Products I've found to be worthwhile in special needs situations and other retailers that in my experience go the extra mile to offer human powered vehicles, gear and other supporting goods that make living the LandSurfingPro lifestyle what water is to a fish and the breeze is to a bird.

Looking Within Yourself

At LandSurfingPro, I both enlighten you with insights one things innately true about life, fitness, diet, how to become free to live a digital nomad lifestyle and much more.

This site will take you into a journey into yourself like no other and help you find precious jewels in places you thought were junk or places you've been told to ignore or discount.

By reconnecting your awareness to your own innate, indigenous intelligence, you will unlock a depth of knowledge, wisdom and attunment that is very rare anywhere in humanity.

You will discover Super Powers you didn't know you had or didn't recognize as such!

You will discover you can roll back the odometer of life many decades worth!

You will not just know what you don't want in life but what you actually have that's been a gift all along, and you've been mislead to thinking it was something else!

My mission is to develop a global network of "LandSurfingPro's" who are super fit, super functional and super free to travel the earth under human power touching the lives of others in meaningful and helpful ways creating a ripple effect that eventually touches the entire world.

Ride On...

Erskien Lenier

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