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We’ve reached the point whereby using science for what its supposed to do which is to liberate us from toiling for money, making as many aspects of what it takes to live a long, strong and vital life possible with the least amount of undesirable stress to deal with.

One of the practical offerings that has emerged out the study of the tiny computer like codes our DNA is composed of is that most of the causes of human systemic degeneration, illnesses, ailments and causes of death have been linked at their deepest and most actionable levels to what have become known as Gene Variants or SNP’s.

These are tiny segments of our DNA that are coded in unusual formats that either reduce the amount of that DNA segments information payload from being delivered to it’s intended destination or doesn’t allow even a trickle of that information to get through completely throwing out of whack whatever cells, systems and organs that needed that information to work optimally.

This next image is an example of some of the symptoms of just one of the gene variants that are detectable and proper supplementation can put the body in a position to not need to manifest symptoms to get your attention about what it’s missing. This is the symptoms of having just one of several versions of the MTHR gene variant.

This can result in cell, organ or system starvation of key nutrients, low to no oxygen delivery – suffocation of these cells, organs or systems, and a failure of the systems responsible for the removal of metabolic waste byproducts and any other environmental or externally consumed, inhaled or absorbed toxins that can show up as anything from eczema, colds, flues, cancers, gut inflammation, eye, teeth, joint, tendon, liver, heart, liver, and all of these and more can prove fatal.

Now that we can identify precisely what gene variants one might have inherited from ones own family tree, we also now know how to identify precisely what foods and food extracts the body has been looking for to create the right connections from those variants to the cells, systems and organs so the variants can serve not a health and vitality liability but a builder and protector of your health and perhaps add strength and length to your “Health Span” – Speaking of Health Span – Everyone is aware of what a Life Span is. But don’t think to much about their Health Span.

What’s a Health Span? Even though we are living longer on average (of which that number is actually beginning to drop!) We as a species globally are still hitting our peak and descending into declining inner and outer functionality by our mid 40’s – some as early as preteens!

I had a full physical work up a while back and the cardiologist shared with me that today they are seeing plaque build up in the chambers, valves, arteries and veins of, to and from the heart as young as age 7 now!

She also looked at my health record of what members of my family tree typically die of and told that she sees a lot of ways that I will not be dying from! So my plant based diet and a lifetime of pursuing power and endurance sports did pay off in a lot of areas!

The kicker though was that I have been fighting some sub health symptoms like the feeling of pins and needles or like what it feels like to put a transistor battery on your tongue – a low grade shocking sensation in my feet and lower legs especially after hours in the saddle cycling or ultra distance running in hot conditions. I later came to realize this is genetic predisposition to the deterioration of the coating of the nerves allowing electrical impulses to leak out into the surrounding tissues. It’s also a sign that the nerves are not getting enough B12 or methylcobalmin – the human compatible version of B12 (Not cyanocobalamin which is commonly added to foods stripped or deprived of its natural methylate version during growth, harvesting, processing or cleaning processes. Cyanocobalamin also contains a cyanide molecule! Our DNA does not recognize Cyanocobalamin as an organic food molecule so it can go as far as the blood stream but cannot leave the blood stream because the guardians at the gates for cell wall permeability don’t recognize it. A person who is eating or even being injected with copious quantities of Cyanocobalamin is still B12 deficient and will test as having plenty of B12 in their system via a blood test. But guess what the consequences of B12 deficiency is? It’s death! Or at minimum permanent neurological damage that is very hard if not impossible to regenerate and fix.

In my case I even tried methylcobalamin injections, liquids forms absorbable under the tongue, tablets and capsules. I didn’t begin to see any kind of progress in the way of symptom abatement until I got to a blend of vitamins and herbs in capsule form that seemed to work somewhat. Over time even they seemed to become less effective.

It was at this stage I was introduced to the opportunity to see if I had gene variants that had not been illuminated and possibly providing new insights to what the real problems or glitches were behind these “ice berg” like anomalies.

To learn more about DNA Analysis, the information these can provide you, and what can be done to repair or regenerate any damage or sub health conditions you might have or be on your way towards whether you can see symptoms of or not click on this link: https://landsurfingpro.com/2022/01/is-uforia-science-dna-testing-for-healthy-aging-real/

On the above blog post you’ll see other blue hyperlinks to explore that lead to more information and your options to order your own DNA test kit as either a customer or for those that feel that they would enjoy helping others with such offerings the option to become a Utritionist or if your already Health Professional at Practrionist.

To Your Health and Vitality,

Erskien Lenier

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