Mastery of Money

Everyone wants more money or more accurately access to what’s behind the doors money unlocks like a home, transportation, food, education, connectivity, injury care, recreational spaces and activities, social events, art, music and theatre.

The thing is no one really wants to sell their own life-force doing things that leave one with perhaps “stuff” but no or little “LIFE!”

No one want wants to feel as if they are in a Slave vs Master relationship just to earn a living!

We all want quality connection with others and to feel good about having time alone as we see and feel is needed for each of our own temperaments or personalities.

Every one of us came into this world with nothing… And will leave this world with exactly the same nothing. So why hustle, climb all over others, make our hearts deadened, and create a world of the majority living in lack when it’s entirely feasible for everyone to have a life of dignity and abundance?

In the Internet Age, it’s totally possible to set up online systems or partner with with companies that offer online systems that can give you the same leverage the owner of the company you now or have worked for in the past, used to create their “More Than Enough” income!

The system in which we live in is designed to “Go Big” in if one knows it’s secretes and applies them.

My focus with this offering is to appeal to those not driven by greed and power over others, but by the desire to have both the option to work solo from anywhere, even on the go as in Adventure Travel and with others remotely or in person as desired with the option to have others fill in for you as desired.

If we are not setting ourselves up to help others this madness will never end. Do the opposite of what the greedy and psychopathic do!

Work smarter instead of chronically harder, we can leverage our time and productivity to create ever growing incomes that make our daily and monthly needs a completely “None Issue” stress wise. Leaving room… finally!

For us to reclaim and rebuild what has been stolen from us: Fitness, sanity, quality of connections with those we love and resonate with, quiet spaces to reflect and sort out who and what we are and what we want our lives to contribute to the world as we are finally able to travel the inspired roads and trails of life.

It doesnt take giant mansions, flashy cars, draping our bodies with expensive clothes while our bodies underneath continue to rot and decay from the stress of corruption of ones own spirit to get such nonsense.

Minimalism is actually a far more satisfying way of life that supplies one with all they actually need to make a just enough sized living space a home where ever that rest, rolls, hikes or runs too.

The less stuff we have the less that stuff has us! Collect memories and adventures instead. That’s all we get to have with us when we leave this place.

Think of all the good you could do if you have double, triple or some other multiplication of your current income per month!

Let’s reverse the mess we’ve been born into enough for the next generation to be able and in a position to overhaul the local, regional, State, National and even International Systems so they finally serve all of humanity and protect our mother: Planet Earth – Spaceship Earth – And we are all Crew! It’s time to start operating that way.

The following video is a training video about how the compensation plan works for Uforia Science – The DNA Analysis and DNA Based Supplement company I’ve posted about all over this blog.

The amount of information is a lot of details but hang in there until you get to roughly 28 minutes into it where they start to give you glimpses of what kind of money you could be making from home or any where in a matter of a few months or sooner depending on your coachability and willingness to absorb the information you will have in the palm of your hand if you opt to become a Utritionist as I have. (Uforia Science App on your phone. An entire office and education resource is included!)

Explore, Be Inspired and Let me Know if this Speaks to you.

Erskien Lenier

A Free Man – Setting Others Free