Reasons not to mix complex and simple carbs in diet or heat food

Humans are innate “mono meal” creatures just like all other animals in nature. Mono meals are single item foods that allow optimal digestion to happen on that single selection.

Also why giving your food a “fever” otherwise referred to as cooking compromises health.

Go RAW – Go Farther – Go Stronger – Be Leaner

Erskien Lenier
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Smart Phones Don’t have to Be Stupid Anymore – Ching Ching Baby!

February 25th 2016 I got a text from someone that I occasionally connect with that led me to an app I downloaded to my phone that has turned into the most lucrative gold mine – a literal printing press for so far a bit over $600

As of March 9th 2016
Empowr 614.58 3-8-16

The amounts I’m earning and the frequency of earning more each day is increasing as I continue to view the tutorial videos and free coaching – mentoring included.

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Or that they paid me $10 just to test drive it? Or that I began earning various amounts of cash beyond that within 24 hours?

Check it out and give it a run and take the time to watch the 2-4 minute videos that explain the how, why, what behind this.

Easiest money ever!

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For those that think this might be related to the Empower blogging biz I had it is in no way shape or form connected nor similar to that biz op.

As of March 10th 2016


As of 3-13-16

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As of 3-22-16

3-22-16 Empowr Earnings

As of 3-24-16 – And remember all I’m doing is what your doing over on Facebook or Twitter or whatever social network your involved in… 1 – 2 comments, post, likes, images a day and I have invested zero dollars out of my pocket to create this.


8-11-16 Earnings after Ad

8-12-16 Earnings screen shot

Empower Ad All Time Earnings to date 8-11-16

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To Your Innate Freedom to Live Life on Your Own Terms


Erskien Lenier


Feel free to text or call me with questions however the app comes with a free live coach to assist you with questions and optimization and maximizing your income generation via the app.

Mobile: Nine Five One Five One Five Eight Nine Zero Five

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The Psychology of Monsanto Level Marketing

Millions Against Monsanto by  
“There is a violent contest between real knowledge and propaganda, real food and the toxic commodities of industrial agriculture. Commodities being served up with a side of propaganda from a dispenser.
Propaganda and this fake food rely on distancing – the producer from the consumer, the knowledge from the farmer – and distancing us from the ability to tell real food from the fake.”
Check out this article by Author and Activist Dr. Vandana Shiva to see how Monsanto’s PR plots are manipulating consumers:

Evidence of Deliberate Biological and Chemical Attack Upon Us

The same chemical companies that produce toxic chemicals also produce prescription drugs, veterinary medicines, a wide array of medical products and imaging technologies, hold cancer treatment and medical device patents, and a produce a staggering assortment of over-the-counter palliatives.
Families with toxin induced illnesses often spend large sums for drugs and medical treatment.
This circle of profit is not conspiracy theory, but an easily provable fact.
Below are chem/pharm web sites for the largest companies in the world. There you can see quickly and clearly that these companies profit from all sides of the picture.
Aventis was launched in December 1999 through the merger of Hoechst AG of Germany and Rhône-Poulenc SA of France. Main Home Page for Aventis–go to top right and click on “Aventis Worldwide” to see medical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical categories of business.,1003,EN-XX-100—,FF.html
Aventis “crop sciences” include herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and genetically engineered food.
Aventis Pharma is the pharmaceutical division:,1003,EN-XX-24770-37160–,FF.html
Monsanto is owned by Pharmacia. The Pharmacia Corporation was created through the merger of Pharmacia Upjohn with Monsanto Company and its G.D. Searle unit. Pharmacia employs 59,000 people worldwide and has research, manufacturing and administrative sales operations in more than 60 countries.



BASF-fungicides, herbicides, pesticides:

BASF – pharmaceuticals:

Merck is known widely as a pharmaceutical company

Merck Research Company; Applications to Register Pesticide:

Merck produces chemicals and precursors for pesticides and other neurotoxins.

Merck Chemicals for Industrial Applications – Listed in alphabetical order:

“Our broad range of Chemicals for Industrial Applications is widely used in many fields of production within the chemical and technical industries.”
Dow Chemical produces both toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals. (Click on the drop-down list here):

Dow Pharmaceuticals:
Dow’s pesticide products include the organophosphate pesticide Dursban (a/k/a Chlorpyrifos/a/k/a RAID a/k/a Lorsban and is found in about 800 other pesticide products). Dursban was to be phased out and banned from indoor, yard and garden use last year because of what it does to the developing brain.
EPA was going to allow Dursban to “continue to be sold until current stocks run out” but Dow has been scrambling to get this delayed, and has been conducting short term clinical trials by feeding Dursban pills to healthy teenagers in an attempt to get it back on the market:
Dupont Chemical recently sold a pharmaceutical division to Bristol Myers Squibb. Dupont makes pesticides and drugs:

Here is a list of other chemicals and neurotoxins that they produce:

Do you take Bayer aspirin? Did you know that Bayer also makes other drugs, pesticides, chemicals? When you get to the Bayer site from the following URL, go to the “application” search engine and scroll down to pesticides. At the first URL here, go to the right side and click on the drop-down list to see the spectrum of products — for industrial chemicals and “crop protection” products, to pharmaceuticals.

Bayer pharmaceuticals:
It is interesting to note that the Bayer corporation was originally the I.G. Farben Company with deep ties to the Nazis during the 1920s and 30s. I.G. Farben produced Zyklon-B gas which was used in the Nazi death camps. Other big chem/pharm manufacturers became owners of pieces of I.G. Farben during the lengthy process of dissolving its assets after decades of lawsuits and pressures from international organizations for alleged I.G.Farben Nazi crimes. Here is a quote from the BBC:
“Most of the company’s assets were confiscated after World War II and were transferred to four big German corporations: Bayer, Hoechst, Agfa and BASF.”
See BBC article:
Many of these huge transnationals have merged with each other. For example, CibaGeigy, Sandoz and other multinational chemical/pharmaceutical companies merged to become Novartis. Then Novartis Agribusiness merged with Zeneca (Astra-Zeneca) Agrochemicals to form Syngenta:

Standard and Poor’s Stock Exchange profile on Novartis:

Novartis pharmaceuticals, seeds, genetic engineering:

Novartis owns Syngenta — produces pesticides, herbicides, etc:

Novartis AG — incredible list of products, relationships and subsidiaries:
Then there is Astra Zeneca that sold off part of its agrochemical business to Novartis. AstraZeneca. For some listings of its pharmaceuticals:
AMVAC makes the insecticide NALED a/k/a DIBROM, and nineteen other products. AMVAC Chemical Company is owned by American Vanguard Corporation, which makes herbicides, pesticides. A major portion of its revenues comes from selling its specialty chemicals to the pharmaceutical industry. It is also in the business of “environmental remediation” and “toxic waste management.” (Like other chem/pharm companies, American Vanguard profits from pollution that they help make, and then get paid to clean up).,1922,271462,00.html

AMVAC’s brother subsidiaries include, GemChem, Inc. and Environmental Mediation, Inc.
AMVAC’s brother GemChem: “… committed to exceeding industry standards as a national chemical distributor. In addition to representing AMVAC as its domestic sales force, GemChem also sells into the cosmetic, nutritional and pharmaceutical markets.”
AMVAC’s brother Environmental Mediation, Inc. provides clients with: “complex investigative and remedial activities. With… core expertise in the areas of hazardous waste, air toxics, and water quality…”
Environmental Mediation, Inc. offers its clients expertise in:
Issue Analysis

Strategic Planning

Government Relations

Regulatory Strategy

Environmental Consulting

Public Affairs
American Home Products pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicines has subsidiaries galore, including American Cyanimid among others. American Cyanimid produced many chemical products including pesticides and pharmaceutical chemicals.

AHP later changed its name to WYETH, a major holding company:
American Home Products was gobbled up by the chem/pharm giat BASF:

See paragraph nine:
And this just shows the cycle of profit in all of its glory when you see the Chemical Business Research website — Click on: “Code “C4″: Cancer Opportunities in the New Millennium”
Did you know that thousands of toxic chemicals are impregnated into products that we come in intimate contact with every day that have woefully inadequate testing? Synthetic chemicals are found in clothing, furniture, bedding, paper, food storage containers, building materials, pillow feathers, pillow covers, inks, mattresses, food, cosmetics, carbonless paper, fragrances, and tampons. A wide variety of fat soluble pesticides are even impregnated into animal feed (fat soluble means it stores in fat). One of the reasons this is done is to cut down on flies in the barnyard. The fecal matter becomes so toxic that it ends up killing the flies! So the questions is — does the animal fat cause us to get dosed with low levels of this stuff? See EPA web site:
Most of the public is completely unaware of how pervasive toxic chemicals are in our homes and offices. If it were just one or two of the chemicals–the effects might be tolerable. But that is not the case at all because the relentless cumulative and synergistic effects of these chemicals is causing great harm to human, animal and environmental health.
When we, our children and our animals suffer symptoms or become ill, have trouble with our reproductive systems — we spend many thousands of dollars on medical imaging, tests, treatments, operations, hospitals and drugs… a circle of profit that has no equal in the corporate world. Again this year – the chemical/pharmaceutical industry was declared the most profitable industry in the world.
What a business plan!
Reprinted from:


Erskien Lenier

Exposing the Bad Guys and Natures Most Valuable and Eternal Truths

The Plantation of Mr. Jones

This post is help you see the blinders that have been pulled over your eyes if only because you and I were born into this.

The Jones Plantation 2


To Your Further Awakening into Your Truest Freedom


Erskien Lenier

What is Humanities Truest Diet?

Our intestines are about 32 feet long to facilitate the digestion or extraction of nutrients from fruits and vegetables have so many nutrients.


Our Innate intelligence organized and evolved us to be able to extract the wild variety of nutrients contained in the softer varieties of fiber in most fruits, some greens and veggies.

Flesh has zero fiber and rots quickly in a warm wet environment and has very little variety of nutrients.  Flesh also requires potent doses of hydrochloride acid to break down.


Carnivorous species produce lots of this while fruitivous and herbivorous do not. Some argue that humans are omnivorous without rating how inefficiently we handle and respond to flesh or animal DNA consumption.


These are some of the reasons why real carnivores and omnivores have extremely short intestines, sleep all day, have foul breath, poor endurance and shorter lifespans.

One of clearest ways to tell what our native foods are is to expose a toddler to a variety of possibilities as represented below and see which its unbiased innate causes it to salivate and gravitate towards.



Question what you have been exposed to without deep examination. You’ll find 98% of it has been completely false and destructive to what is ideal for your life.


Erskien Lenier

Fruit Powered LandSurfer

Dyslexia as a Tool for Empowerment

You carry in your body the cell level memory of your life’s moments or memories all the way back to when your body was 2 completely physically two different cells in mom and dad.


Everything those two cells experienced and all the cells that have birthed after they met are imprinted with every “learning moment” of your entire life. And every moment awake, asleep, of even knocked out is a learning moment to the intelligence that orchestrates the trillions of things going on on all levels of body level awareness.


The following is a comment I made to a friends post after he made a funny about dyslexia which is a form of cellular memory being acted out.

I decided to repost if here as so few have been awakened in this area so that those who recognize in themselves any of what I wrote might be encouraged and motivated to pursue more insights and experiences of mastering cellular memory and using it for their own highest good and even the good of others….


Dyslexia is in most cases a stress induced blind spot in nerve and muscle circuits.


Every moment of our lives is a learning moment.

Everything our cellular memory (which is every entire bodily position including the eyes, we are in especially during experiences of distress or pain) stores how we feel and our thoughts about our perceptions.


Negative emotions especially intense or chronic ones, become areas of “if it looks like, sounds like, smells like, taste like, feels like…. It must be like (something we didn’t like in the past) and we don’t won’t to feel that way again so what did we do in the that perhaps far distant past learning moment?

In moments of extreme negative stress we tend to check out perceptually and even functionally on being fully conscious and responsible or responsive functionally in that area.

Behavioral Barometer

Now imagine during the process of learning each letter of the alphabet a kid is not ready to learn alphabets but is a math wiz at that age but is forced to try to do alphabets.

What do you think will be happening from those days forward when he tries to read a paragraph of text and recall what it means from within his inner cloud of feeling “checked out emotionally or any number of emotions that come online as the muscles of each eye strain to focus on what each letter sounds like, looks like, feels like? BBBBAAAMMMM instant dyslexia.

These symptoms can also affect every other area of a person’s life including athletic and relationship performance or attunement. I was the person I just described. In the midst of discovering how to regenerate nerves, joints and cartilage destroyed in a hit n run almost life ending car vs motorcycle event back in my 20’s I stumbled upon a school here in CA that specialized in the testing, identification and correction of dyslexias.

After reading one of their brochures and recognizing I had all the symptoms they described I opted to sit in on one of their demo nights and realized the work they did was an important part of my path to both being finally free of the influence of a shadowy effect of my childhood that haunted me decade after decade and learning more about triggering the body’s powers of regeneration.

muscle testing chart

Instead of becoming a private one on one client on the side of theirs I through every last penny I had without an afterthought to become a trainer / facilitator of their insights, processes and seminars.

The certification included hands on classroom testing, identifying and “defusion” of every possible area of emotion induced blind spots that were the source of a pervasive symptom map of my dyslexias.

This transformed my life in ways I will never be able to fully articulate. I set up a private practice and seminar – facilitator training business that I ran for years.

I totally enjoyed witnessing and experiencing tons of others discover how they made themselves dyslexic and how to permanently and painlessly defuse it. And I used those experiences and insights to build a bridge to insights that allowed me to not only restore all the body parts the supposedly the best doctors on the planet claimed were not naturally salvageable, but have gone on to do things I never dreamed I could even in my 50’s that I couldn’t do in my 20’s physically, mentally and emotionally.

Miracles are everywhere and within us.

We’ve mostly been crippled out of fear, ignorance and generational curses.

All of which can been used as fodder for growth.

It’s in our DNA and your sense of self empowerment is just beyond your body level blind spots or fears.

Reach back to me for tips on how to undo your own symptoms of dyslexia or for a referral to work with someone in your region.


Erskien Lenier

Illuminating The Way

My Blueprint to Blogging for Profits

How I Discovered Blogging

I think therefore I blog

I began blogging in November 2005 as a means to share about my transition from cycling to becoming a barefoot ultra distance runner and fruitarian and to market the internet business I owned at the time.

search engine spider defined

Search sites like Google and Bing send out “Search Spiders” that crawl across the pages of web pages they find. These look for topics and keywords and send them back to their source to be “indexed” so future searches via their search tools brings up your site and others similar.

pay per click illustration

Search Engines also make money via ads along the periphery of the search pages and some pay search companies “Per click fees” to have their sites appear at the top of a given search enquiry.

That’s about all I knew about blogging at that time.

I show my blogging students how to make their blogs show up on top of those highly paid large corporations search listings without paying the per click fee. This boost the number of people finding your blog post and discovering the value you share and offer.

As I continued to post to my free amatuer blog and journeyed into the Blogging World I came to realize that blogs, while certainly found by search engine traffic, are much more than a mere place on the internet to share ones views.

Blogs are an invitation the “Living Room of Your Mind” – a ways to document topics you’re passionate about that you want available to yourself and others over time like your own personal library of your life and the topics you hold dear.

Blogs influence, empower, encourage and feed visitors.

Blogs are communication devices, educational resources and sources of entertainment. They connect people, spread ideas, foster friendships, illuminate new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Blogs can be almost anything you want them to be, but what I came to experience as a result of blogging, is A New Way of Life.

mobile blogging

Most don’t realize it but Blogging can be done from either a PC, Laptop or a Smart Phone from anywhere that you can access the Internet. You can even be running across the USA and blog along the way or be on a beach in some foreign country chilling and take a couple minutes to post text, videos or pictures that you feel inspired to post in the moment.

Every day I indulge in a what most would view as a hobby and communicate with like-minded individuals, and best of all, I get paid to do it. How do I get paid? I monetized my blog.

raining money

monitizing your blog

Monetization simply means implementing methods of making money from the content you produce on your blog. This process can occur in many ways – and can evolve over time as new features and technologies emerge to make one’s post more viral and rank higher in search engine searches and more and more companies that we do business with realize that they can bring far more traffic and business to their primary sites through legions of bloggers who are actively growing their audiences vs spending thousands or even millions on tv ads or other forms of web advertising.

What’s important is that the opportunity still exists today to jump on board the blogging bandwagon and get paid for writing about what you love.

Blogging empowers individuals with a tool that generates income and provides an outlet to communicate with and effect the rest of the world. For many people, starting a blog has completely changed how they live their lives – and for the better.


Down the side of this post you can find examples of some of the portals that produce cash for me. It’s a growing income stream that means day by day, week my week and month by month that’s less I need earn from trading my time for money and more time I reclaim to assist you in your journey and free myself to go explore more to bring back to you.


Blogging As a Business, Not a Job – What’s that mean?

best ways to predict the future

The purpose of a business is to leverage a persons time to produce a lot more income in comparison to a job where we are paid linearly by the hour or via a set salary. Even performance based wages like commission sales jobs only pay you based on how much of your time you sell and you earn nothing if take time off. Businesses – especially online businesses that have a global audience as blogging easily becomes produce income based on traffic or visits and in some cases views 24-7-365 for as long as your blog is on the Internet no matter whether you’re sleeping, running, working out, laying on a beach or hanging with the kids. It has no staff to hire or pay and can be done naked or clothed.

Think about this too…

worthless college degree

Blogging allows us to share topics and interest that they don’t even teach in college making what we share valuable as we through our life experience and what we have taken from our self education is unique and worth far more over time. Each of us is our own unique collection of lessons learned from facing challenges along the way. Each of us has a passion that we express in our own unique way that no one else has the flavor of but perhaps relates as they drink from the same fountain that wells up inside them?

When I say I am paid to blog, I don’t mean I am a paid writer.

Professional blogging to me is not about looking for freelance writing gigs, it’s about building a business, an online asset, and leveraging that asset for cash-flow now, and long-term value in the future.

Blogging doesn’t need to be a full-time occupation to produce more than a full time income.

Anyone can earn a consistent $10,000 USD to $30,000 USD per month from a blog business if they take the time to learn how to set up one properly and then become consistent over time of adding content or post that your kind of crowd would appreciate and look forward to consuming.

All I one needs to do to keep a blog working is write a post on something your audience is likely to find interesting, inspiring, controversial or useful every couple to 3 days – sometimes just once a week.

I won’t lie to you, it’s not easy to build a large following, but there is a process you can follow. You do have to post consistently and, most importantly, have the right mental fortitude and attitude to get you there.

Becoming a Blogger is as simple as using a site like this to teach and guide you through everything you could need to know to set up shop and learn a new profession over time.

More to come on this topic.

If you’d like to take the initial steps to begin learning Blogging 101 just go to the clickable images on the right side of this post (if you’re on a pc or laptop or below on a smartphone) and click on the Hostgator image and get the basic hosting package. Then come back to the “Themify” image above Hostgator and get the “Ultra” theme like this blogs as your drag and drop template to build your blog out of. 

The video inside the user area of the Themify site contains a video that will walk you through complete blog set up from A to Z. I am available for questions and guidance also. Use the Contact Me form to request contact and I’ll reach back the same day in most cases.


Erskien Lenier

LandSurfing Fruitarian Blogger

Erskien 9 29 09 Web Cam Shot

The Spirit of All Things

In my lifelong exploration of what is eternal, universal and immortal about what both permeates and transcends this world, I’ve come to settle into the reality that there is definitely an invisible presence, that is the spirit of all things, and we are either identifying with that and reaping the benefit or not.
Spirit Body
In another season of life I came back from a N.D.E. with the awareness of an invisible presence as more of an energy than an entity and a knowing that perfection exists within that energy and that we are an extension of it and can experience more of our truest nature by tuning into who we really are and out of who we are not, as opposed to an entity who dishes out favorable outcomes based on its own apparently limited perceptual choosing.


An image of a nice zoom into the light background

I think the reason that religion doesn’t set well with us is that abusive men have used their perception of the existence of this presence and used their ability to project from that power abusively to spread mass hypnosis for the purpose of deceiving, manipulating and to Lording over other others.

German Chancellor Adolf Hitler gestures during a speech in May 1937 at an unknown location in Germany.  As one of the most notorious tyrants in world history,  Hitler helped form the Nazi Party in 1919.  He became the dictator of Germany in 1933 and launched the holocaust as a "final solution" to the "Jewish problem" as well as gypsies and homosexuals.   In 1939, he invaded Poland and began World War II which ravaged Europe. The Fuhrer of the Third Reich committed suicide on April 30, 1945 with his mistress, Eva Braun.  Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945.   (AP Photo)

The real point of power is within each of us – our own perceptions, but some of it is due to the perception of others we began to install as babies and toddlers on up through the indoctrination channels we each and collectively were brought up within.
god within
We are all connected somewhat in mind, and affected by the collective.
It was the development of the ego through language that began the dimming of our true identity and connection to something universal, immortal and infinite in capacity. 
Feed the soul
It is in our quest to transcend the views and beliefs of the ego that finally allow us to reawaken to a much larger and powerful sense of self and our collective connectedness.
We’ve begun to reawaken in mass to the wholesale theft of these noble and honorable truths and that is the beginnings of the full birth of an era of humans that are truly kind (Man – Kind)
We are not helpless. We are the source of both what has been wrong about the history and present of humanity and the what is and can be right about the role we can play in birthing a heaven right here on Earth.
Religions and Politics have turned into Santa Claus Gods whose power is easily refuted.
santa claus god
We have a lot of power to affect change by changing our own perceptions.
Collectively, we will get there, inevitably…. One by One….
Erskien Lenier
Being the Change
Erskien 9 29 09 Web Cam Shot

Stuck in Traffic

I see post on FaceBook of friends and family frustrated and angry because they are “Stuck in Traffic” – When I traverse the region I live in known as “The Inland Empire” or Corona California, I many times run past blocks of people “Stuck in Traffic” even far away from the main freeway “The 91 or the 15” on surface streets. I feel like a free animal running past others of my species that are in cages whose doors are unlocked. The real lock is just a construct of their minds.
This is my response to one such post about “Being stuck in traffic”
But remember… You are traffic! I stopped hating myself and got rid of the car and decided to just run or ride my bike where ever I want to go.
My wife and kids either walk, ride bikes, hitch rides or use Uber or Lyft.
If we need to get someplace really far or haul something big and awkward I call Enterprise Rent a Car or truck – they deliver to my house and even pick it up when I’m done.
Self driving cars will go away in the next 15-20 yrs or less. Google, Tessla, Apple and all the tradional car makers are dumping billions into making self driving autonomous cars that you can summon to your location via an app on your phone within minutes where ever you are. They aim to get the cost down to about 6 cents a mile. The average car today cost about 60.8 cents per mile when you include in gas, insurance, maintanence, support systems like tax subsidies. It won’t make sense to buy one anymore. This will uncluttered driveways, garages, parking, streets and highways. By then most people will work from home and or be self employed also. Feel the pull of the future and pursue it instead of being stuck in the past…
I save all that money already and use the difference to buy myself lots of organic fruits, greens and veggies and the best running atire available and put the rest in savings.
At 58 it also gives me reason and the means to be fitter than I was in my 20’s.
It’s a shift in thinking and requires a willingness to buck the norm and not care what naysayers might say or think. I encounter people almost daily who express envy of the way I conduct my life.
The good news is anyone can do this… And over time more and more will.
Create a better world instead of just wishing for one…
Erskien Lenier
LandSurfing by Choice