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At LandSurfing Pro, I am dedicated to promoting sustainable and healthy forms of transportation. I believe that human-powered locomotion is the future, and I am passionate about providing innovative and fun solutions for people to get around.

Human Powered Vehicles

My focus is on recumbent trikes, which are comfortable, efficient, easy for drivers to see and take great curiosity in and fun to ride.

My emphasis is upon those who wish to create to fitness, functionality, efficiency and context with you that supports higher levels of power output, lung capacity, capillary development for greater oxygen and nutrient delivery, muscle activation, faster recovery, trike fit and equipping for reliable long miles and assured handling. 

Another factor I cover for those that need it is how to create multiple online income streams to replace current or lost income streams so you can adventure ride and tour at will for as far and long as you want and still have access to bank accounts accumulating cash daily.

Why Align With LandSurfingPro

I've lived high level cycling training all my life. My mother told me long ago that I literally used a rusted, tireless, pedalless, chainless, tiny toddler sized bike as my very first walker. I crawled over to it, propped it up and it propped me up, pushed it up a railroad track embankment in front of her house and sat on the cross bar using my feet as training wheels and coasted back down the embankment... over and over again until I was tired. Then I'd drop the bike and fall to all fours and crawl back to her porch for feeding and a nap.

Since those days I've logged over 911,000 human powered miles all over the US and Europe. 

Those miles have allowed me to use my own biology or body as the ultimate test lab to try every form of diet, training techniques from bike club managers to Olympic Coaches.

Being on the bike so many hours out of so many days, years and decades gave me pause to work in the bike industry in such areas as design and manufacturing, developing a deep understanding of bike and trike fit design. Even the prototyping of some of your favorite bike parts and systems.

Being around others who lives such a super fit lifestyle provides tons of direct feedback on what every little nuance of food, position, fitness building, recovery technique, insights to how deep level body regeneration works.

The final frontier was the realization after I retired from sponsored and paid racing was how earning the money to have a life to ride was filled with both spirit and energy flattening trip wires over what seemed intrinsic within racing circles.

This set me on a multi-decade long exploration of what's the best way to set anyone up with a means to largely turn income production into a background event instead of a more than full time - time thief?

So in exploring this site you will find tons of gold nuggets and opportunities that can open the doors to all your wildest dreams towards living all out in regard to your desire for endless adventures and travel by trike.

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Erskien Lenier



Join me in my mission to promote expanded consciousness in the realm of human-powered locomotion, a deeper conscientiousness of how our bodies actually work and adapt along with creating a cleaner, healthier, more humane way to live and travel lifestyle and more sustainable future for all.