A Little Bit About Me…

I am a soul in love with adventure – Both inner and outer.

New perspectives, spontaneous feelings of connection, deep dives down “Rabbit Holes” with no idea where they will go or come out.

I’m an introvert in the sense that I am naturally silent inside – at peace. I like to spend lots of time alone yet I bond deeply with those who take the time and express attunement towards truly getting to know me.

When my Social Batteries run low, I need either solitude, an animal to connect with, sleep or the great outdoors to reset or recharge. I do love connecting with kindred spirits and seem extroverted to those who really get me and I feel I can speak freely with.

My aim is inspire new insights, visions, hope, heights and depths.

To bring forth unique perspectives perhaps never entertained before breathing new life into the journey at hand and appreciation of the road and trails already traveled.

And of course, to put a breeze in the sails of tomorrow that is forever calling us onwards into the moment.

Throughout my entire life people had spoken of my supposed “Super Powers” of endurance, physical strength, intellect, extra sensory perceptions and I’ve always pointed out that I am not any different than any other spirit doing “This Thing Called Life” in the words of Prince…

The only difference is that I never could shut off or tune out that I knew things I didn’t have the vocabulary to articulate or explain and have always felt everything waaaaayyyyyy deeply… Yet was somehow able to experience most things in a detached manner that’s peaceful and serene in nature.

I’ve traveled over a lot of the Northern Hemisphere of this planet and sampled the people, politics, religions, cultures, foods, and fitness practices.

Some of the burning questions it’s taken me decades to figure out is without inheriting massive wealth how does one live life on their own terms and travel as inspired to do so?

How can one set up virtual income streams that either on autopilot or with very little time requirements each week make the money needed to sustainably adventure travel at will?

How does one support these biological meat suits in their need to constantly regenerate, heal, and balance themselves no matter where we go or how we go?

What’s the deepest nature of being human? Why are we here? And how do we use whatever life has dropped in our laps to level up energetically and spiritually? For that matter what is Spirit?

If inner and outer solitude inspires and energizes you.

If you tend to KNOW THINGS that you can not explain how you know yet know you know what you know is right and real and empowering….

If lucid immersive feelings intrigue you while at the same time realizing you are somehow watching the comings and goings of feelings, thoughts and sensations keeps you grounded in peace…

If you tend to not just look at things but beyond them…

You need to explore this site as you’ve arrived home!

Take time to subscribe also…

As you realize what I’m up to day to day and place to place your going to want absorb my contributions here and I promise you’ll find doors where you’ve only found solid walls before and bridges where you’ve only found chasms in the past…


Erskien Lenier