Welcome to the realm of LandSurfingPro. Where the pursuit of your Passion creates Location and Financial Independence meets Fitness as a Lifestyle, Living Foods to Boost Recovery, Health and Fitness Gains, and Technologies that Support Minimalist Freedoms.

You’ve been indoctrinated to automatically think in terms of tick tocking along day to day back and forth to a J.O.B. where the “Bosses” job is to pay you as little as they can get away with so that you can never afford to take significant time off to actually have a life of freedom based on where ever and when ever your own spirit calls for you to go or to be.

Little to no gaps in the treadmill like “grind” are allowed to prevent you from discovering that inner peace that tells you “There’s got to be a better way to make a living that will allow me to have a LIFE!”

I drilled that vary question into my psyche everyday, all day for decades on end until one day a portal opened up in my reality and I found myself looking into another realm where people like me and even not like me, were self employed, had no time clock or boss to answer to.

Earned whatever amount per day, week, month they wanted to meet and or exceed their needs with their chosen way of life.

They were able to take advantage of the same tax write off processes and tax codes the law of the land allows the very wealthy to use to reduce and in some cases eliminate their tax liabilities – meaning they got to keep more of the money they earned.

They learned to tap into or create systems that that worked for them far more than they worked for it leaving lots more “free time” to live “Timelessly” doing whatever they wanted, for as long as the wanted and wherever they wanted AKA Location Independence through positioning their business on the global Internet and the controls for it in their Smart Phones and Laptops.

As a life long high level endurance and power sport athlete, the greatest challenge I’ve struggled with has been creating a lifestyle where the need to create the income to support the lifestyle could be truly set up and built on the side eventually replacing the need for any kind of job so I could continuously and progressively build my health and fitness even into my senior years.

The Truth of the matter is far simpler since the internet and our smart phones and laptops have grown more common, capable and compact.

The world as we know it is about to under go a massive change in the light that at least one global in scope telecom provider has gone public that its partnering with Starling – Elon Musk’s global satellite network as of June 2023 to give all of this mobile phone providers Unlimited Talk – Text and Data customers – at NO Additional Cost…. Global Unlimited Talk, Text and Data!

This one super important piece of the puzzle will set in motion the largest unhitching of traditional “Bricks and Sticks” business owners and every visionary employee towards the reality that they can either work remotely for a company that’s progressive enough to endorse the benefits to itself and those working for and with them.

This will be the beginning of the largest in modern ages movement of humans towards living viable Nomadic Location Independent Lifestyles based on minimalism and supported by our most advanced technology!

When you’re FREE, your able to connect with and become more grounded in your own spirit, your own values, your own vision for your own life beyond the opinions and wills of corporate hacks and a system bent on turning everyone and everything into a zombie like robot or commodity to be used until it dies and replaced in moments with another to be treated the same.

I’m 65 as of this writing and I’ve been pushing back on all this ever since my teens.

I’ve finally gained the insights to create multiple online and some offline portable income streams and this site is going to be a place where others can learn more about how to do the same for themselves.

Some of it’s contents will be offered for free to consume and assimilate and some will be for purchase via ebooks, subscriptions, YouTube viewing, and Zoom based phone to phone or laptop video coaching by the hour or whatever allotments of time – days needed to resource, educate, implement and activate what you are wanting to accomplish.

These will include my lifetime of experience, direct and educated knowledge in the fields of Online Business Set Up and Development without the need to sell or convince people to do business with you, lean body mass, youthful fitness building that rolls back the odometer of life not by years but decades! Cutting edge cycling insights gleamed from over 750,000 miles in the saddle so far. Barefoot Ultra Distance Adventure Running insights from over 192,000 miles across all kinds of terrain, temperatures and other challenges. 52 yrs of fine tuning how to know what is humans species appropriate diet and how to use it to create illness proof health, eliminate lactic acid burn during hard and long loaded efforts in power and endurance sports activities, much faster recovery and the ability to continuously break old records. Gear selection that supports athleticism as a location independent lifestyle.

Pulling together the insights and technologies needed to take your one and only life back from the beast of corporatism, debts, and default enslavement will allow you the space to go to sleep knowing you lived both deeply and with maximum width in each day that you have left.

It will allow you to wake up excited that you have another brand new day that you have never lived before of which the journey of adventure you will roll out for that day is all yours to write and no one elses!

You will no longer feel like leaches or vampires have sucked your lifeforce away by the time the your day is done. Instead you will feel as if you have literally “Made Love to the Day…. All Day Long!” and you can bask in that glow as you prepare and eat your own Living Foods and lightly cooked foods meal to set in motion “Upgrades” so you have even more capability when you wake up the next day!

You will feel more naturally gentle with yourself and those you come in contact with.

You will become more alert yet relaxed.

You will naturally have much more energy yet feel at peace when still.

Are you ready to begin the process of Setting Yourself Free?